Giving A Watch As A Gift Superstition

Giving A Watch As A Gift Superstition: Is It Bad Luck?

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During my travels and experiences, I have come across various intriguing cultural beliefs. One in particular that has caught my interest is the superstition surrounding gifting someone a watch.

While we might not think much about it, this act carries deep meaning in certain cultures and can cause issues. So what is the superstition about giving a watch as a gift?

Today, I’ll explain the common superstitions of giving watches as gifts straightforwardly. Let’s unravel the mystery behind this tradition.

What Does The Superstition About Giving A Watch As A Gift Mean?


The superstition surrounding giving a watch as a gift can be traced back to ancient China, where the combination of visual appearance and phonetics played a crucial role in cultural beliefs. 

Combining the Chinese characters for “watch” and “gift” creates a sound that strikingly resembles the word “funeral.” 

This phonetic similarity has led to the belief that presenting a watch to someone could bring bad luck or even symbolize the end of a relationship. 

And it has been passed down through generations, influencing various cultures and shaping people’s attitudes toward gifting timepieces.

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What Does It Mean When A Man Gives You A Watch?

When a man gives you a watch [1] as a gift, he shows deep commitment and affection for you. 

“Everyone looks at your watch and it represents who you are, your values and your personal style.”

Kobe Bryant, American Professional Basketball Player

This present symbolizes the value he places on your time together and the special moments you share. 

It’s a way for him to express his love and devotion, wanting to create lasting memories with you. But what do you bring to someone’s house for the first time?

How Do You Give A Watch To Someone As A Gift?

1. Craft A Secret Treasure Box

Creating a secret treasure box is a special and imaginative way to give a watch as a gift. 

Using a fancy or wooden box and decorating it beautifully makes it feel like a treasure chest. 

Adding a hidden lock or secret compartment that the recipient has to figure out can be fun.

2. Try Using Gift Reveal Balloons

One creative way to surprise someone with a watch is to use gift reveal balloons. Instead of just handing them the watch, imagine their excitement as they pop a balloon and find it inside. 

It adds a fun and memorable moment to the gift-giving, making it even more special. 

Whether it’s for a birthday or anniversary, using gift reveal balloons adds an element of surprise and makes the whole experience unique and unforgettable.

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3. Hide It In A Different Box

A fun way to give a watch as a gift is by putting it in a different box. Instead of using its original case, you can use a box that doesn’t show its shape. 

“Time is a gift that keeps on ticking, but be wary when giving a watch, for superstitions may have it tricking.”

Howkapow Gift Site

This keeps the person curious until they open it. It adds surprise and excitement to the gift-giving moment, making it more enjoyable for them. 

4. Surprise Mail

Gifting a watch through the mail as a surprise is a wonderful and unexpected way to make someone’s day. 

Imagine their joy when they open their mailbox and find a package waiting for them. The element of surprise adds an extra touch of excitement to the gift, making it a cherished memory.

5. Put It In A Gift Basket

One sweet way to give a watch as a gift is by putting it in a lovely gift basket. 

You can add other meaningful items to the basket based on their interests, like their favorite snacks or small trinkets.

What Are The Benefits Of Receiving A Watch As A Gift?

Man Wearing Watch
  • Value of Time and Relationship: When someone gives you a watch, it symbolizes their recognition of the importance of time in your life and the significance of your relationship. It’s a touching way to express their desire to cherish every moment spent together and to create lasting memories.
  • Good Thoughts and Wishes: Giving a watch to a friend is not merely a material gesture; it holds heartfelt intentions. It represents the giver’s well-wishes and positive thoughts directed toward the person receiving the gift. It’s a meaningful expression of care and affection.
  • Sense of Value: Receiving a watch as a gift communicates a message of value and importance. It demonstrates that the giver considers you precious and significant in your life. The watch becomes a tangible reminder of the shared special bond, making it a treasured keepsake with sentimental value.

Is A Watch A Practical Present To Give?

Yes, a watch is undoubtedly a practical present to give. Regardless of the recipient, people must check the time multiple times daily. 

While smartphones can serve this purpose, a stylish timepiece adds flair and sophistication to one’s appearance. 

It’s a functional accessory that complements any outfit and is a convenient way to stay punctual and organized throughout the day. 

So, gifting a watch is a thoughtful gesture and a practical and stylish addition to the recipient’s everyday life.

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What does a watch indicate to a man?

For a man, wearing a wristwatch reflects his connection to the past, a deep-rooted appreciation for the value of time [2], and a significant element of his style and identity. 

Why do some people have expensive watches?

Many individuals opt for expensive watches because it commands respect, especially in business settings and interactions with potential clients. 

Should you wear an expensive watch daily?

The decision to wear an expensive watch every day depends on personal preference. If you feel like wearing it, go ahead. 

But if you believe it should be reserved for special occasions, save it for those moments. 

Key Takeaways

When giving a watch as a gift, one must know the superstitions surrounding this seemingly innocent gesture. 

Originating from ancient China, where visual appearance and phonetics hold cultural significance, the belief suggests that giving a watch could bring bad luck due to its phonetic similarity to the word “funeral.” 

Despite this superstition, offering a watch as a gift can also hold positive meanings, symbolizing commitment, affection, and good wishes for the recipient. 

As the giver, it’s crucial to consider cultural beliefs and the recipient’s feelings when presenting a watch, making the gift-giving experience thoughtful and cherished.


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