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30 Gifts That Start With P: Full Guide (Updated)

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Are you getting ready for an upcoming gift-giving season? Choosing presents that start with a certain letter is an ideal way to bring an extra level of enjoyment and anticipation to any special event.

Skip store hopping as our team spent 24 hours compiling amazing gifts that start. Read more below!

Top 30 Gifts That Start With P 

1. PETAFLOP 5×7 Frame Rustic Picture Frames


The Petaflop Rustic Picture frame can be a thoughtful gift that starts with the letter P. The picture frame measures 6.57” x 8.46” and can fit photographs in size 5” x 7”. 

The Petaflop picture frame comes in seven pcs per set and features a rustic design which can be an ideal home decoration. It is easy to mount and display vertically or horizontally because it has premounted hardware and easel back.  

2. Pots and Pans Set

Pots and Pans Set can be a perfect gift for your Mom and wife on Christmas or Thanksgiving. The package includes three frying pans, two saucepans with lids, a stock pot with lid, saute pan with lid, stainless steel steamer, and kitchen utensils. 

The pots and pans set from GreenLife feature a ceramic coating for easy and quick clean-up and effortless cooking. The base is made from recycled aluminum, and its rivetless interior will prevent food buildup and snags.

3. The Pioneer Woman Country Garden Nesting Mixing Bowl Set

If you are looking for gift ideas that begin with letter P, the Pioneer Mixing Bowl Set can be a practical gift for your female friend or family. The mixing bowl is made from BPA plastic and features classic country garden designs. 

The Pioneer set is ideal for a mixing bowl for tossing salads, baking goods, and serving bowls. The bowl set comes in three sizes, 11.5”, 10.5”, and 9.5”, and it should be washed by hand to ensure the longevity of the printed design. 

4. Plastic Pantry Organization and Storage Bins

Included in the gift ideas that begin with the letter P are Plastic Pantry Storage Bins. The storage bins are portable and stackable because they have a built-in side handle that can easily grip when transferring the bins. 

The storage bins are clear and have a large capacity, so you can use them to organize pantry or refrigerator stocks. In addition, it is made from durable BPA shatter-resistant plastic to keep your food clean and safe. 

5. Peppa Pig’s Adventures Balloon Park Preschool Toy

Peppa Pig’s Adventures Balloon Park Preschool Toy

If you are looking for letter P gifts for toddlers and young children, the Peppa Pig Balloon Park playset can be an excellent gift. The playset features an amazing balloon theme park with six interactive activities that your baby will love to play. In addition, it comes with a cute Peppa figure sitting on the part accessories. 

6. PicassoTiles 100 Piece Set

Dream and build big with the PicassoTiles magnetic building blocks that you can send us as a great gift for your children and close acquaintance. The PicassoTiles features 100 pcs of magnetic blocks to form different geometric shapes. It is easy to use and store and can be a perfect educational gift for kids and adults. 

7. Princess Voice Changer Microphone 

The Princess Voice changer microphone can be a great gift if your little girl loves singing. The microphone has playback buttons that allow you to change voice record and play the 100 seconds recording. 

The Princess Voice Changer Microphone has fifteen preinstalled nursery rhymes with a songbook so your kids can duet the songs. Moreso, it is a Bluetooth microphone, so you can connect it to a speaker to enjoy the karaoke mode.

8. Play Kitchen for Toddlers

Included on the gift ideas for toddlers is a complete Play Kitchen Set that is made from durable and sturdy wood, melamine board, and plastic. Your little girl can enjoy the kitchen set because it is highly realistic and very interactive.

The Play Kitchen Set comes with a pot, pan, ice dispenser, wooden cooking utensils, vintage telephone, booklet, and video instructions.

9. Phone Stand – Lamicall Phone Desk Holder

A phone stand is included on the list of pleasant gifts you can send to your co-workers. The Lamicall phone stand for adults is an awesome phone accessory that can be useful when watching films or using Facetime. 

The Phone Desk Holder features an adjustable 270 degrees angle viewing that will help you enjoy stuff hands-free. In addition, the cute phone holder is made from black aluminum alloy and high-quality resin for a fashionable, safe, and sturdy build. 

10. Party Dress For Women

Party Dress For Women

If you hunt for letter P gifts for your wife or best friend, you can never go wrong with the Party Dress for Women. The cute party dress is made from sweater material with pull-on closure for a comfortable and thick finish. 

It can be worn in preferred style and is very versatile so that she can wear it on any occasion. In addition, it can match up different stuff like a pearl necklace or earrings.  

11. Pretend Makeup Toy Set

If you are looking for great gifts for your niece or kids, you can check out the Pretend Makeup Toy Set. The makeup kit contains lipstick, lip gloss, eyeshadow palettes, brush applicators, mirrors, and a designer makeup bag. 

The Pretend makeup toy set can be a perfect solution for kids who wants to imitate Mom. Don’t worry because the makeup set is made from foam and plastic so that no chemicals will be applied to their faces. 

12. Puzzle Collection for Relaxation, Stress Relief, & Mood Elevation

Solving puzzles can be satisfying and relaxing [1], so we included the Puzzle collection on the list of gift ideas that begin with the letter P. Each box contains 300 – 500 puzzle pieces that your family or special someone can enjoy. 

In addition, it comes with a 30-day subscription to the Calm App that can bring relaxation while solving the puzzles. The puzzle pieces are made from an all-natural blue board, guaranteeing high-quality construction. 

13. Projection Drawing Board for Kids

Art can be an opportunity to help kids develop their skills [2], so a Projection Drawing Board is included on the gift ideas that begin with the letter P. The Projection Drawing Board will help kids learn to draw, recognize patterns and colors, and be used at home or school. Aside from the projector table, the set contains a drawing book, watercolor pens, discs for projecting, and a board eraser.

14. Polaroid OneStep+

A photograph is a universal language that can call attention and tell a story of the past [3], so if you are looking for gifts that start with the letter P, Polaroid OneStep+ can be a good option. The Polaroid has a standard and portrait lens and a battery life of up to 60 days.

It has full manual control, light painting, noise trigger, and double exposure. In addition, the Polaroid is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

15. Portable Photo and Video Printer for iPhone & Android

Portable Photo and Video Printer

Printing gives life to photographs, so if you have friends who love taking photos, getting them, a Portable Photo Printer can be nice. The Portable Photo and Video Printer are simple because it is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible. You can choose the printing sizes or print your photos on sticker paper. 

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16. Polo Shirts Short Sleeve

If you search for usable gifts for men, the Polo Shirt Short Sleeve can be an impressive purchase. The Polo Shirt is made from cotton and spandex for a breathable and smooth fit. It is true to size and has a variety of colors that can easily match with chinos, casual pants, and denim pants. In addition, the fabric is quickly dry and can be machine washed. 

17. Polly Pocket Saturn Space Explorer

The Polly Pocket Saturn Space Explorer can be a great addition to the gifts that start with the letter P. The Space Explorer is a compact play station inspired by Saturn that features amazing topography and outer planet ring. 

The pack includes Polly and Shani dolls with stick technology, removable lunar vehicles and sticker sheet, and alien figures. The Polly Pocket Space Explorer is portable and can be a perfect gift for kids four years old and above.

18. Pottery Making Kit

Introduce your friend and family to a new hobby with the Pottery Making Kit. Pottery can be a creative outlet and has its physical and mental benefits. The Pottery Making Kit comes with a powerful 0.75 hp motor, 11” wheel head, and two separate splash pans. 

It can hold 25 lbs of clay and a maximum speed of 300 RPM. In addition, you can add the design of real pressed flowers on the pottery plant pot if you plan to enroll in a pottery course. 

19. Pokemon Bluetooth Earbuds

Calling out Pokemon fans and people who love to collect Pokemon stuff as included on the gift list that starts with letter P is a pair of Pokemon Bluetooth Earbuds. The Pokemon Bluetooth Earbuds are portable and rechargeable, so you can enjoy using them for 6 hours of continuous playtime. 

The Pokemon Bluetooth Earbus is USB-C compatible and features true wireless earbuds powered by Bluetooth technology. The earbuds and case have a printed design inspired by Pikachu, an electric type Pokemon [4]. 

20. Portable Compact Personal Fridge

Portable Compact Personal Fridge

If you are on the search for a great addition to the small play kitchen orf your children, you can check out the Portable Compact Personal Fridge. The Personal Fridge measures 3.4” x 3.4” x 7.6” and can be used to heat cold drinks. 

The Portable Personal Fridge has a heating capacity that can reach up to 65 degrees and a cooling temperature of 8 degrees. Its main role is to keep the drinks warm or cold, and it comes with a built-in LED light so you can see what’s inside. 

21. Pedometer with Clip and Lanyard

The Pedometer with Clip and Lanyard can be an awesome gift for your family and friends who love running or walking. It can track daily steps and can keep you company while reaching your fitness goal. It has a large digital display and has a smart battery that auto sleeps when not moving and wakes up when in use. 

22. Protein Shaker Bottles

The Protein Shaker Bottle can be a good choice when in search of gifts that begin in the letter P. The Protein Shaker from Blackube is electric-powered with a strong motor power that can spin up to 4800 RPM to ensure smooth mixing and avoid the lumpiness of protein powders.

23. Painting Kit for Adults

If a special someone in your life loves art or is interested in developing a new hobby, you can gift them a Painting Kit inclusive with a paint set. It contains two blank canvas, a watercolor paper pad, acrylic paints, water coloring paint, brushes, mixing palette, and mixing guide. The Painting Kit for adults comes with a durable wood easel to work and display your painting. 

24. Portable Ping-Pong Set

Portable Ping-Pong Set

If someone close to you happens to love outdoor sports like Table Tennis, a portable ping-pong set can be a nice gift for their birthday. The Portable ping-pong set includes two paddles, balls, and a net. The ping-pong net is stretchable and retractable, and it comes with sturdy clamps that can be easily attached to any table.

25. Puppetry Kit

Kids love interactive activities, so on special occasions like birthdays or Christmas, getting them a Puppetry Kit can be awesome. The pre-prepped craft set contains twenty all-inclusive craft projects suitable for kids above three years old. Avoid spending too much on art supplies and save multiple trips on Art Stores as the Puppetry Kit has complete one-and-done crafts. 

26. Poetry Tiles – Magnets Starter Kit for Refrigerator 

If you prefer to send out unique gifts, you can check the Poetry Refrigerator Magnetic Tiles. The Poetry Tiles includes common words, prefixes, suffixes, headers, and punctuation tiles that can create deep poetries that you can place in the perfect position of your refrigerator door. It can unlock creativity and help you express yourself more. 

27. PajamaGram Pajamas for Women

The PajamaGram for women can make a great present for your Mom, wife, or sister. The pajama is made from pure polyester, and it comes with an elastic drawstring waistband for a nice fit. 

In addition, the Pajama fabric is soft, stretchable, and comfortable to wear. It comes in different sizes and fun prints so that you may get more than one. 

28. PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow, C-Shape

If someone close to you is expecting a kid, you can surprise her with a PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow. It is made from 100% cotton jersey, making it comfortable to use, especially when having a lot of back pains. 

The C-shaped pregnancy pillow can replace multiple bed pillows or help support the back, knees, neck, and head. You can purchase an additional pillow spray to go with the Pregnancy Pillow. The pillow spray blends easily in a pillow and gives a soothing and relaxing scent.

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29. Projector

Bring the cinema experience at home with the projector that allows you to watch movies, sports, and games in amazing quality and Cosmos 4K UHD image. It has adjustable image sizes that can max out at 150 inches or scale down using the remote. 

In addition, the projector automatically detects the resolution and upscales it in real-time. It can be used in a closed room like a movie room or study area. 

30. Popcorn Maker Machine

Popcorn Maker Machine

Skip the mess when making popcorns with the Popcorn Maker Machine. The Popcorn Maker Machine can quickly pop and deliver 50 oz of popcorn in just 3 minutes. It is easy and quick to use, and clean. In addition, the popcorn maker machine comes with a measuring cup for the proper amount of kernels and butter.

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In Summary 

Giving gifts allows us to express our love and appreciation towards a person. Shopping for gifts is fun and exciting, but it can be challenging if you are looking for gifts that start with P. Fortunately, our team managed to curate awesome gifts that you can check out through our links in this post.

We included different gift ideas from simple, classic, to unique gifts that we hope you will find helpful. Whatever gift you decide to get, don’t forget that the gift that comes from the heart has no equivalent money or price. 


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