What's the Best Sustainable Gift For An Environmentalist?

What’s the Best Sustainable Gift For An Environmentalist?

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Gift-giving for an environmentalist is never an easy task because they want something that will not leave a big dent on the environment. And since gifts produce a lot of waste, it would be best to find gifts that are sustainable and meaningful. 

To make the giving season meaningful and easier, our team spent 72 hours of intensive research to give you ideas on what gifts for environmentalists you can get. 

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Top 30 Gifts For Environmentalists

1. PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets

PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets

First on the list for the gifts for environmentalists is a pop socket grip and stand for phones and tablets. The “Destroy the Patriarchy, not the Planet ” pop grip is expandable and can be used in most devices and cases for hands-free activities like watching movies and facetime. 

In addition, the pop socket grip has a swappable top and advanced adhesive that allows the user to remove and reposition the grip to other devices to reduce waste. The two-in-one grip and stand are eco-friendly and can be one of the best gifts you can get for environmentalists. 

2. Sea Turtle Gifts – Wine or Coffee Mug/Tumbler With Lid

Getting a reusable mug can be an ideal eco-friendly gift that you can send to an environmentalist. The sea turtle-inspired tumbler is made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel to avoid rusting and transfer of flavors. 

We stored hot coffee and cold soda on each number and covered them with the lid to test the insulation of the tumbler. Since it is a double-wall vacuum tumbler, the hot and cold drinks remained at their ideal temperature for 3 and 9 hours. 

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3. Help More Bees Plant More Trees Clean The Seas Hoodie Shirt

A save-the-earth-themed hoodie can be another way to show off your love for the environment. The hoodie shirt is made from cotton and polyester, and it is available in four solid colors only. The hoodie is a classic fit and has a twill-taped neck which can be a great gift for your loved ones this holiday season. 

4. Baydurcan Friendship Anchor Compass Necklace 

If you want a gift that is low-impact and eco-friendly, you can check out the Baydurcan friendship anchor compass necklace. The fashionable necklace is made from metal alloy and has an 18.4-inch chain. It can be a great gift for your loved ones as a reminder to enjoy their journey toward reaching their goals. We think they’re also great 1-year anniversay presents for your wife or girlfriend

5. Hand Blown Art Glass,Sea Turtle Miniature Animals Collection

Hand Blown Art Glass,Sea Turtle Miniature Animals Collection

Another cool gift you can get for an environmentalist is a sea turtle miniature glass. It is made from glass and measures 2 x 2 x 1 inches only. The environmentally friendly gift is handmade from Thailand and can be a good decoration for desks or shelves. The special sea turtle design is handmade and handpainted by artists from Thailand.  

6. BoredKoalas Earth Day Pillows

If you are looking for home decor for an environmentalist, the BoredKoalas Earth Day pillows can be a good option.

The pillows are filled with 100% recycled polyester and have a double-sided print of cute koalas. It can be a perfect gift for your loved ones for Earth Day and this upcoming holiday season. 

7. Sterling Silver Sea Turtle Necklace

The sterling silver sea turtle necklace can be a perfect marine-inspired gift for environmentally conscious friends or family. The sea turtle symbolizes patience, endurance, wisdom, and good luck and can remind you to walk the path in peace. 

The necklace is made from 100% 925 Sterling silver and has an 18″ +2″ (adjustable) chain length, while the sea turtle pendant measures 28mm x 25.4mm. 

8. Environmentalist Mug NO PLANET B

The Environmentalist Mug that reads “No Planet B” can be an ideal gift for environmentally conscious friends and family. The 11oz mug is made from white ceramic and has a custom-made design made by Digibuddha. 

If you hunt for eco-friendly gifts, the NO PLANET B mug is microwavable, dishwasher safe, and extremely reusable. 

9. Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps

To eliminate the single-use plastics, you can get reusable beeswax food wraps to keep your food and left-overs fresh. The food wraps are made from organic cotton, which is plastic-free and silicon-free. It comes in different sizes, covering different types of food such as leafy greens and citrus fruits. 

If you are looking for a durable and alternative plastic wrap that is eco-friendly, you can not go wrong with reusable beeswax food wraps. 

10. Vintage Save the Planet Shirt Save the Earth Distress Shirt

Vintage Save the Planet Shirt Save the Earth Distress Shirt

Wear your love for the environment with the Vintage Save the Earth distress shirt. This gift idea is for environmentalists, climate activists, and environmentally conscious friends and loved ones.

The T-shirt is available in five solid colors and is made from cotton and polyester for added comfort. In addition, the vintage print is durable and can be machine washed. 

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11. 50pcs Environmental Protection Slogan Sticker Pack 

The 50pcs environmental protection slogan sticker pack is an ideal gift for kids, adults, and friends who love DIY decorations. The stickers are made from waterproof PVC materials, which are thick, durable, and safe. 

The 50 pcs stickers have no duplicates and measure 1.4-2.5 inches only. Decorate laptops, hydro flasks, travel cases, luggage, guitar cases, and more with these stickers. 

12. Handmade Raw Himalayan Salt Car Accessories Car Charm

Handmade Raw Himalayan Salt Car Accessories Car Charm

If you are looking for great gift ideas that use natural materials, the handmade raw Himalayan salt car accessories can be a good choice. The car charm is a unique gift that can help decrease the stress level of your car atmosphere.

The car charm is a perfect gift for an environmentalist or friend who loves to collect unique and sustainable gifts with a production process to save the environment. 

13. Dragontee Personalized Sea Turtle Beach Wood Sign Outdoor Decorations

If you want a personalized outdoor decoration, you can get the Dragontee personalized round wood sign. It is an all-over print round wood made from pine and measures 8 – 12 inches. The wood sign is fadeless and durable with three layers of high-quality coating. You can send your design or image by email and wait for confirmation.

14. Reusable Makeup Remover Pads Bamboo Cotton Pads Face Towel, & More

The reusable makeup remover pads set is a cruelty-free remover that gives a complete makeup removal experience in an eco-friendly way. The kit has a fair trade certificate, and all the materials used will not harm the supply chain and the endangered species.  

It has 12 soft layers of washable cotton pad, face towel, cotton buds, and drawstring laundry mesh bag for your bathroom counter. 

15. INLI Drive Safe Mini Macrame Plant Hangers for Car

INLI Drive Safe Mini Macrame Plant Hangers for Car

A mini macrame plant hanger for the car is on the list for environmentally friendly gifts you can get for a friend or loved ones who are plant lovers and have green thumbs. The succulent car hanger is 7″ long with a lightweight plastic pot which is safe for your windshields.

In addition, the cute tiny car plant holder comes with clip rings, so you can easily hang it in your rearview mirror.  

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16. Kelistom Turtle Beads Chain Bracelet

The Kelistom Turtle Beads Chain bracelet can be an ideal gift for an environmentalist who loves jewelry and sea turtles. The bracelet is handmade and measures 6″ – 10″ and can be adjusted depending on your wrist size. The bracelet is made from natural stone, commonly used for meditation, yoga practice, stress, and healing relief. 

17. Purifyou Premium Reusable Produce Bags

If you prefer to give a sustainable gift this holiday season, you can check out these bulk mesh bags that eliminate the use of single-use plastics that harms the environment. The sustainable versions can be used as storage containers to keep your food fresh and ideal for food waste and food scraps. 

The tote bags are lightweight, durable, convenient, and come in different sizes. Sustainable products like reusable bags can be a small solution for Earth’s environmental issues. 

18. iPhone 11 Protect Our National Parks Environmentalist Nature USA Case

iPhone 11 phone cases are always on the list for gifts for environmentalists this holiday season. The protective case is made from a polycarbonate shell which makes the case scratch-resistant and shock-absorbent. 

Available in a green shade, the phone case that reads Protect Our National Parks can create an environmental impact and is ideal for your environmental trips. 

19. FloWorks Design Plastic Bag and Bottle Dryer

The FloWorks multipurpose dryer can significantly help reuse plastic bags and bottles to avoid single usage. The innovative dryer can hang eight ziplock at a time, as well as recycled bottles.  

The FloWorks plastic bag rack is made from recycled materials and natural rubber from furniture makers. The rack can create a positive impact and solution to plastic waste and promote sustainable living. In addition, the dryer can be folded and placed on your drawers if not in use.  

20. Turquoise Natutal Stone Elastic Stretch Bracelet 

Turquoise Natutal Stone Elastic Stretch Bracelet

If you are looking for eco-friendly gifts this holiday season, you can check out the turquoise natutal stone elastic stretch bracelet. The unisex bracelet is made from turquoise stone and recycled ocean plastics that are nickel-free and lead-free. 

In addition, it is fade-resistant and has hypoallergenic tarnish to last longer. The beads measure 8mm and weigh 17.5g / pc only. 

21. Protect Our National Parks Environmentalist Nature USA Tank Top

A Tank Top with a printed slogan Protect Our National Parks is one of our favorite gifts you can get for environmentalists. The tank top has four solid colors and is made from cotton and polyester for a lightweight and comfortable fit. It can be a great gift for summer camp, hiking trips, or even a trip to a grocery store. 

22. VSCO Girl Stuff – Flask Stickers, Reusable Straw & Teen Accessories Kit

The sea turtle population noticeably decreases yearly due to plastic pollution [1]. With this, The VZCO Girl stuff with a reusable straw and teen accessories kit are in the best gifts lists this holiday season. 

The kit comes with 50 waterproof stickers made from recycled plastic, reusable straw and case, scrunchies, headband, phone grip, and a fashionable cosmetic bag. Save the turtles by carrying around this gift box. 

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23. Bee’s Wrap Lunch Pack, Eco Friendly Reusable Sandwich & Food Wrap Set

Bee’s Wrap Lunch Pack, Eco Friendly Reusable Sandwich & Food Wrap Set

A plastic-free lifestyle creates a big environmental impact on society, and sending reusable wrap sets from Bee’s Wrap can create plastic-reducing swaps for daily use. 

The wrap set is reusable, washable, and compostable, which helps cut down an extra cost compared to single-use wrappers. It has natural jojoba oil and beeswax that help create a seal when storing food. 

24. Earth Day Mug Activist Gift

The coffee mug with a high-quality print that says “I speak for the trees” can be one of the perfect gifts for environmentalists this holiday season. Trees give positive benefits to the environment, and speaking on their behalf can positively impact our environment. 

The 11 oz. mug is made from commercial-grade ceramic, which guarantees longer years of service. The mug is a must-have because it is microwave and dishwasher safe and guaranteed to last many years. 

25. Environmentalist Turtle Shell Pattern Novelty Cool Crazy Dress Crew Socks

Keep your feet and legs warm with the turtle-shell pattern dress crew socks. Made from spandex and polyester, the socks give maximum breathability and excellent moisture management. 

We tried a pair of dress crew socks, and the first we noticed was the close-fitting from toes to leg, which helps reduce swelling and fatigue. The socks can be one of the great gifts for environmentalists to keep their feet cozy and warm.  

26. Greenzla Kids Bamboo Toothbrushes

Greenzla Kids Bamboo Toothbrushes

The Greenzla Bamboo Toothbrushes is an eco-friendly version of oral hygiene made from bamboo. The organic toothbrush is made from charcoal-infused bristles and a comfortable bamboo handle that is safe for your kids. 

Unlike other toothbrushes with unnecessary packaging, the bamboo brushes reusable packaging is biodegradable and compostable. 

27. Ouwuo Stained Glass Suncatcher Mother Earth Portrait Ornament 

Let an environmentalist in your life feel special this giving season with the Mother Earth Portrait Ornament made from high-quality glass. The portrait has a unique design that can easily match the living room, gardens, and entrance. In addition, the artistic glass decoration reflects a beautiful light when under the sun. 

28. iPhone X/XS Trees Seas Bees Environmentalist Cute Earth Day Gift Case

The iPhone X/XS case with a design that reads Hug Trees Clean Seas and Save Bees can be an ideal gift for a passionate environmentalist. The outer shell of the protective case is made from polycarbonate for a shock-absorbent and scratch-resistant phone case. 

29. Environmental Awareness Gift Keychain

A simple keychain from Baipilu can cultivate awareness of environmental protection. Based on a study, young turtles have a higher risk of dying from exposure to plastic such as straws. 

The round charm has an engraved slogan, Skip a Straw, Save a turtle, which creates environmental awareness and everyone. In addition, the keychain is made from high-grade stainless steel and measures 30mm only. 

30. Naanle Ocean Turtle Canvas Tote Bag Large Women Casual Shoulder Bag

The Naanle Ocean turtle canvas tote bag can be an awesome gift for family and friends who love the environment. The tote bag measures 15.7 in. x 19.7 in. and is made from a cotton canvas for easy maintenance. The washable tote bag with sea turtles can be an eco-friendly gift for family or friends. 

Wrapping Up…  

Here’s the reality: gift-giving can produce more waste than you can think. However, there are different ways to give meaningful and sustainable gifts to environmentalists while reducing its impact on our environment. 

Small things matter, and whether the gift is for birthdays or holidays, a gift that has an environmental impact is the best gift you can get for an environmentalist and planet-loving people. We only have one Earth so send a present with no plastic, no fast fashion, and no carbon footprint to help solve climate change and heal our Mother Earth. 


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