Best Gifts For A 50-Year Old Woman

35 Best Gifts For A 50-Year Old Woman (Updated)

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For women, the age of 50 marks an important and memorable milestone in our lives.

It’s the age where they NEARLY have everything that they need and want; a family, house, car, paid loans, and so much more.

This milestone calls for a celebratory gift to commemorate the hard work they did their whole life.

But let’s be honest, as far as gifts can go, finding gifts for women can be a challenging task to accomplish.

We’ve curated our top choices for great gift ideas that you can give to your wife, a colleague, or your boss to celebrate this special day for them. 

Amazing Gift Ideas for a 50-Year-Old Woman

1. Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy Candles

A 50-year-old woman has gone a long way from just playing in the playground. They’ve worked hard for their financial stability and peace of mind.

Aromatherapy candles serve the icing on the cake for a perfect 50th birthday gift.

They provide a wide array of mood lifters and relaxing scents that can fit almost ANY type of situation or environment.

You can easily mix and match whatever she needs the most and pick the best combination of scents and colors to make her life easier and better.

2. Air Fryer

Kitchen appliances, at this age, have become a joy to operate and use (we’re looking at you, food processor & pressure cookers.)

The cooking experience gets better and better, much more so with an air fryer by her side!

Like all air fryers, this one gets the job done when you’re too tired to cook on the stove.

Moreover, air fryers are a GREAT ALTERNATIVE to healthier cooking. By using heated air instead of oil, you get 10x the health benefits of your chicken while retaining its crisp and crunch factor.

It’s the perfect gift idea to have a healthy start to celebrate her milestone.

3. 5-in-1 Kitchen Tool

Does a 5-in-1 Kitchen Tool exist? Really? Well, here’s your proof.

The Ninja Foodi is THAT kind of kitchen tool that can cover FIVE cooking methods:

  • Grilling
  • Dehydrating
  • Frying
  • Roasting
  • Cook

Now, any lady would want a kitchen appliance like that. It removes necessary utensils and appliances out of the way and makes way for better-tasting recipes. 

Do you want more? If you forgot to defrost your dinner in the afternoon (which we all sometimes do), this convenient appliance could char-grill them STRAIGHT out from the freezer.

It’s not a want, but definitely what she NEEDS to perfect her art and culinary masterpieces in the kitchen.

A great gift for a great person (and cook!)

4. 50-Year-Old Themed Book

A new life and chapter will start at the age of 50 for women.

Being in their 50s is a stage in their life where they will find other things to do and have a new set of challenges to face.

Start their journey with this specific book. A book that contains 50 things to do when you’re 50 is perfect for adding spice into their life.

This would guarantee that she won’t run out of ideas sooner or later to try out.

But as any friend, husband, or colleague would do, giving support to her will help her accomplish these things, and in return, maximum satisfaction. It’s a pretty neat retirement gift for women, too. 

5. Charcuterie Board Set

Charcuterie Board Set

A celebration isn’t complete and proper without a proper toast, and with this gift set, it does more than just celebrate the 50-year-old milestone for women.

This 50th birthday gift set has EVERYTHING she needs to enjoy the night with friends and families.

Top it off with some prosecco, water crackers, a variety of cheeses, different cookie flavors. A perfect charcuterie set all contained in a classy and natural wooden crate tray.

This is an exquisite feast for her hard work and effort to be where she is right now—a must-buy gift for the lucky lady.

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6. Wine Decanter

What do you get when you aerate an exquisite and luxurious wine? An even more luxurious and exquisite taste.

If she’s a wine lover, then this wine decanter will be the PERFECT gift for her.

This wine decanter is just something else. From its design to its wide use, it’s just an amazing gift to give to women.

Simply put, the decanter aerates the wine with a filter and purifier that eliminates ‘sulfites’ that cause dreaded hangovers. With this gadget in your hand, the day after a wine night will be better than last time.

7. Wine Glasses

How would she value the Prosecco wine and decanter if she doesn’t have the same quality of glasses in her cupboards?

Get her a wine glass, will you? Not just any wine glass, but a gag and funny wine glass while you’re at it.

Celebrating the 50th birthday for women isn’t just all seriousness; sometimes, what they need is a little laugh every day from here forth.

With this wine glass, it’ll serve as a good reminder that she really is 50 years old but to also have fun in life (and in sipping delicious and crisp wine)

8. Instant Pot 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker

What’s this? Another multi-use kitchen appliance? Life in the kitchen couldn’t get any easier than this.

The Instant Pot 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker is just another handy tool she needs (not want) in her kitchen. It acts as a:

  • Pressure cooker
  • Slow cooker
  • Rice cooker
  • Yogurt maker
  • Steamer
  • Sauté pan
  • Food warmer

‘Woah, that’s a lot of functions’ Yes, yes, it has. Lessen the burden when she cooks in the kitchen with this kitchen appliance.

This birthday present will surely bring you freshly home-cooked meals to your table. Yum!

9. Spa Gift Set

Do you know what women like? An 8 hour spa day. What better way to celebrate a milestone than by working ha– wait, having a SPA DAY!

You can’t afford it? Well, don’t be mellow. You can still give a spa day to your Woman with this Spa Gift set.

This spa gift set has EVERYTHING she needs to turn her own home into her own personal spa: bath bombs, soap, shampoo, tea sachets, and a pedicure & manicure kit (the most important items).

This spa gift set is just perfect for a 50th birthday, celebration, or just taking a leave from a busy office.

Just make sure you’re not going to do the mani-pedi after the bath.

10. Keepsake Jar with Notes

Just imagine how many meaningful notes you can fill inside a medium-sized jar. Yeah, it’s going to be A LOT. 

Of course, the notes will be all about appreciation, gratitude, and love for the person.

Nevertheless, this keepsake jar with meaningful notes makes an EXCELLENT 50th birthday gift for your special lady. It contains notes that are thoughtful and sweet even after a couple of times reading them.

If your flowery words and actions are not enough, make each minute of her life better with these notes in a jar. She’ll definitely feel happier and better, that she’ll start clapping her hands every day.

11. Cold Brew Maker

Cold Brew Maker

Let’s be honest, everyone one of us needs coffee to function properly EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

If you’re looking for birthday gifts for women who reached the half venture milestone (and is coffee lover), this would make an excellent gift.

Every morning, cold and hot brew coffee would taste better from this coffee maker. It concentrates the flavor and intensity of your coffee by removing any acid particles from its Rainmaker filter.

With this coffee maker, take a sip from your coffee and have TONS OF ENERGY (and reserved) for, let’s say, two days?

12. Airpods Pro

The Airpods Pro is a fun alternative for your Woman’s 50th birthday.

Who says Airpods is for millennials and Gen Zs? They can be donned by your special lady as well and look super cool at it on her 50th birthday.

Bring your special woman style with these advanced Bluetooth AirPods.

With designs that are sleek that fit right into any ear size as well as the combination of balanced treble and bass, music players will be x10 more groovy and jammable.

If she loves keeping fit and working out, this is a great AND practical gift for her as well.

13. Tealight Holder

This may be one of the uncommon goods for a 5oth birthday milestone, but we can guarantee you that this adds the MPPH factor your house needs.

This little tealight holder is made from metal casting that blends well when candles are lit in the holder.

It creates the perfect addition to a fireplace to make the room more cozy, warm, and natural. Plus, it makes for stunning holiday decor that will add the Christmas spirit to your home because of their reindeer designs.

Moreover, if your Woman is the outdoorsy type, the relevance and impact of this cool gift just went up. 

14. Polaroid Now+ i‑Type Instant Camera

Pictures are one of the MOST meaningful items we can have in our wallets (and even in homes). Comparing it with phone captures, a hard copy holds a deeper meaning that will last a lifetime.

This Polaroid Instant Camera gives more meaning to photos that she will cherish in the long run.

You can EASILY capture moments with a bold color with its autofocus feature, bringing the image and moment to life.

Moreover, make it more fun and wacky with different filters from basic to complementary colors to make each captured photo unique and funny.

Whenever your special Woman gets older, looking at a fun and younger version of herself will surely take them a trip to memory lane.

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15. Fruit Slicer Set

  • Fun? Check
  • Comes in different colors? Check
  • Multi-use tools? Check
  • Getting back to a healthy lifestyle? Definitely check

We all know the hardships we faced when de-coring an apple or pear, slicing an orange into perfect bite-sized pieces, and even handling a huge watermelon; all of those can be really, really hard to do.

This Fruit slicer set makes cutting and preparing fruit SO MUCH EASIER than before because of the variety of tools used in preparing different kinds and sizes of fruit.

Preparing fruit stopped us from having a healthy lifestyle, but with this tool in your kitchen, you’ll be starting over again in no time.

16. Shot Glass

Shot Glass

We swear this is the last product when it comes to alcoholic beverages. We just can’t miss this product as it has a funny design through hating COVID-19.

Don’t we all hate COVID-19?

This shot glass is PERFECT if your birthday lady is stressed about work and quarantined in your area for a very long time. It sets a good reminder that COVID-19 made our lives turn upside down.

So, have a relaxing sip, exchange opinions, and have a nice day with the birthday girl with this unique and funny shot glass.

17. Salt Lamp

Stress. Stress. Stress. and more stress. It’s what working hard and being in multiple commitments have given us. In general, we experience stress EVERY DAY that turns us old quickly.

Are you thinking of birthday gifts for women that can turn them younger? Well, a Salt lamp might do the trick.

A salt lamp dramatically reduces the tension and stress you’ve accumulated each day. How? The salt lamp emits a bright amber glow that relaxes the atmosphere and raises decreases our serotonin levels, thus creating and improving our sense of peace.

Whether it’s for your wife, friend, colleague, or mother, this salt lamp is what women NEED in their lives.

18. Apple Airtags

Can’t find your wallet before you head off to work? The next day, you can’t find your charger for your phone? The day after, you’ve lost the keys to the house??

Things get harder and harder to find with all of the stuff in our homes.

Make it easier for her to find things with Apple airtags.

It’s a highly advanced and fantastic gift you can give to your special lady as these tags automatically pair up with your apple products, and you can easily find the items you need with a simple touch on your phone.

Turn 5 minutes of searching to 1 second with this sweet gift idea for your mom’s 50th birthday.

19. E-reader


Reading has never been easier with the advancement of technology. Gone are the times where you need to buy books or borrow from the library.

And if your Woman is a book lover, then this gift will be THE bomb.

An E-reader, well, is an electronic book. What’s the difference, you say? An E-book is lighter, different books are more accessible, glare-free for longer reading time, and she can zoom in on any unclear sentences.

This E-reader is a great birthday gift for women celebrating a half-century lifetime as they have more time to commit and read.

20. Jewelry Necklace

When it comes to women, golds, diamonds, and silver are the keys to their hearts. We’re not kidding. You can tell by how much jewelry a woman has on her desk. 

Well, why not add another piece of jewelry to her collection with this special necklace?

This necklace will surely stand out. It has five rings hanging on the silver chain, which signify five decades of life.

A gold gift is also one of the best 50th birthday gifts that you can for mother’s day, anniversary, or for her birthday.

21. Fabulous Set

EVERY WOMAN NEEDS TO FEEL FABULOUS. It’s not something that can be negotiated nor ignored.

Even when a woman turns 50 on her birthday, they should still feel fabulous for themselves.

Whether it’s your mom, boss, or co-worker, make them feel fabulous with this fabulous gift set.

This fabulous set comes with items that are fully pinked:

  • Bottle opener
  • Tumbler
  • Wine socks
  • Bottle stopper
  • Coaster, and more.

They’ll feel fabulous and exclusive with this special gift on their 50th birthday.

22. Makeup Kit

If you’re looking for gift ideas for women, you don’t need to look that far because they go gaga over beauty products.

Make your Woman more youthful and fresh with a set full of make-up accessories, from brushes to different tones of concealers.

Even though your Woman already has tons of beauty products on her desk, don’t shy away.

Just buy her another set on her 50th birthday. She’ll very much appreciate the gesture of love.

23. Belt Bag

If your lady has a lot of things to bring every time she’s outside, help her out, will you? Be a gentleman.

You should buy her a more compact and versatile bag to add to her style and convenience.

Well, you’re in luck because we got here the belt bag just for that problem.

This belt bag is as versatile as it is. It comes in with 4 large pockets that can carry your Woman’s necessities such as:

  • Cosmetics
  • Phones
  • Wallets
  • Hygienic liquids

Not to mention, this belt bag doesn’t just add style to her fashion, but it’s also usable for a very long time due to its thick and durable material.

Not only are you not going to break your bank, but you are also going to give your Woman some class and style.

24. Vinyl Wall Art

Unique gifts are hard to come by if you’re looking to gift your boss, best friend, or even mom, on their 50th birthday. Luckily for you, we have something that you and your Woman would love together.

A Vinyl record wall art. Now, don’t get us wrong, it may not be playable in your record player, but trust us, this wall art will add some depth and retro to any room you hang this piece of art.

Not only does this add more MMPPH to your room, but wanna know the best part? This vinyl record art can be customized.

Yes, you can have your lady’s name and signature on the record or even her favorite song lyrics.  She’ll be most thrilled to hang it somewhere in the house and brag about it to her friends, family, and colleagues.

Make your special person happy and appreciated with this vinyl record art for her milestone birthday.

25. Customized Messages Engraved in Wood

Not every time you’ll be with her in person, right? There’s no one to say ‘I love you’ beside you, no one to hug, and no one to go out with on rest days.

Well, we could at least try and send our love to her, but how? Messages engraved in wood.

Yeah, sure, roses are a great way to show love and appreciation, but they will wilt eventually. Wood? No, they definitely last longer and have a natural feel to them.

With these customized messages, it’s sending a message to any special lady in your heart, may it be your mom or wife, that your love will surely last and stay strong until the end. 

It’s a perfect birthday gift to celebrate their 50th birthday.

26. Sleep Headphones

Sleep Headphones

If counting sheep doesn’t work, then you need to think big and techy. Think of sleep headphones to improve her sleeping schedules.

Normally, women at the age of 50 have harder times maintaining their sleep for a longer time. These sleep headphones make sleep much more comfortable with Bluetooth features and a soft cushion for their eyes.

For a friend? No worries.

For your wife? A great way to keep her stress levels down.

For your mom? Give her a much-needed rest.

So either way, it’s the perfect gift for the women in your life. Plus, it helps them get their youth back from getting their much-needed rest.

This goes to show that this gift is a unique one as a birthday gift. I’d say a win-win for both parties.

27. Birthday Wish Candle

If you’re looking for birthday gift ideas for women, then a birthday wish candle should pop first in your mind.

But what you should give to her is not an ordinary candle, but a special and thoughtful gift candle that acts as a great start to her 50th birthday wish.

This specific candle is unlike any other candle in the market. It comes in different scented variations that she can choose from. It burns for 2 DAYS and above all else, its decorative design, such as rose gold, will bring glitter to her milestone.

This candle is a great idea to have if you want to give her a more personal gift for her 50th birthday.

28. Journal Notebook

What else can we say other than she’s been through a lot. Before her 50th birthday, we can all guarantee that there are hundreds of stories that she shared and experienced.

Why not help her remember those by giving her a journal on her 50th birthday?

It’s not a lot, but writing down her thoughts, memories, life events, and experiences, will help her be in touch with her past self as she braves towards her new chapter.

It also serves as a list that she can do after her 50th birthday. This journal helps her be in the past while living in the future.

This journal is a great gift idea for your Woman who wants to go back to her past self.

29. Under Desk Cycle

This gift idea is quite a fun but unusual pick compared to our previous items, but we wouldn’t be listing this down here if it’s not a 50th birthday fun gift.

If she missed A LOT of exercise before her 50th milestone, then this is the best gift that you can give her.

This Under Desk cycle is pretty simple to use; she can do her leg days while reading a book, learning something, or browsing information on her computer.

Not only is she gaining her desired fitness and exercise, but she also doesn’t need to go far from her humble home.

It’s those 50th birthday gifts that will change her life (seriously).

30. Knitting Yarn & Bowl

Knitting Yarn & Bowl

Looking for unique gifts for women can be quite tiring and challenging, especially if she has a lot of needs.

But one thing is for sure is that her stress levels are kept low. That’s why this 50th birthday gift idea we have will do just the trick.

Knitting yarns is one of the BEST gifts to give. This set can help destress someone from a long day. Unless the yarn snags within the yarn, it can be super stressful.

Fortunately, this special gift comes with a yarn bowl that prevents the yarn from getting snugged up in its ball. Knitting has never been easier with this one-of-a-kind gift.

She will spend time knitting a new scarf, other than stressing about other details.

31. 50th Celebratory Mug

Mugs are one of the most generals yet effective birthday gifts for a person to receive.

Why? It’s cheap, practical, durable, and can be used for many things, but primarily for holding your cold and hot beverages.

This mug is no different when we’re talking about practicality, but the message engraved in this mug is something to appreciate for 50th birthday gifts for women.

Aside from its mug features, this specific mug has a funny and gag-kind of design that speaks about the feeling of turning 50.

It will serve as a memento that even she is getting older, she is still fabulous.

32. Fitness Watch

50th birthday gift ideas for women should be able to help them live a healthy and comfortable life ahead of their 50th birthday.

This chapter of their lives calls for fitness; she should be equipped with a fitness watch every time.

When it comes to fitness trackers, Fitbit is our #1 choice; why? It has EVERYTHING she needs to keep an active lifestyle starting today: heart rate monitor, available exercise courses, BPM monitor, intensity, and more! 

This 50th birthday gift’s technology and helpfulness will ensure that your Woman keeps going with her active lifestyle.

33. Prism Light Lantern

Are you looking for the best gift for her? We have something that you and your lady might like.

Date night, steak night or any kind of night with your hubby needs to be intimate and romantic. Add a couple of roses and ample lighting, and it’s good to go, but trust us, you can do better.

This prism light lantern adds to the atmosphere you’re going for. When you light a candle inside it, your room and experience will become magical as this lantern emits a rainbow of colors through the glass.

This is the best gift you can give to your lady, with you also benefiting from it.

34. Automatic Stirrer

We both know that cooking can be extremely tiring, especially if the menu is a feast and has different courses. She’s plain tired to do anything with you for the night.

Want to make that a reality? Make her cooking time less stressful and tiring with an automatic stirrer.

No doubt, one of the BEST gifts for women!

Given birth by technology, this automatic stirrer constantly mixes soups and sauces in the pan in three different settings to achieve the right consistency, freeing her time to do more things.

Just imagine; 2 hours in the saucepan would become 5 minutes for her with this stirrer.

If she’s the type who’s always busy in the kitchen, this gift should be considered on your list.

35. Bluetooth Turntable

Bluetooth Turntable

If your special lady has been a collector and a lover of music in the past, this Bluetooth turntable is just the piece she needs for her collection and hobby.

This Bluetooth turntable [1] captures the modern technology features and the quality it had back then.

She can easily play her favorite songs just by connecting her phone to the Bluetooth, and voila! Music and sounds come from an authentic collectible.

PLUS, it’s great for steak nights so getting this gift is the final piece to your love puzzle.


Gift-giving and planning can be stressful activities. But we’re pretty sure you would know what to get if they’re special enough for you to look for a gift!

We’ve got a pretty long list here, but there you have it, our top choices for gifts for her 5oth birthday celebration.

These are just our top picks, but there are still TONS of gifts out there that are great for giving on her 50th birthday celebration.

It all depends on what she wants, needs, and is particularly interested in.

It’s her 50th birthday milestone, so make your gift special!


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