Fun Family Activities For Valentine's Day

10 Fun Family Activities For Valentine’s Day: Full Guide

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Valentine’s Day provides an excellent chance to enjoy time with your entire family. However, what are some fun activities that every family member can engage in during this season of love?

Don’t stress if you’re at a loss for what to do; there are plenty of ways to make this special holiday memorable.

We’ve included a list of fun family activities for Valentine’s Day that your whole family will enjoy. 

These suggestions make your Valentine’s Day special, from crafting to baking to outdoor activities. So gather your family and prepare to make some Valentine’s Day memories. 

Top 10 Fun Creative Things to Do With Your Family On Valentine’s Day

1. Make Valentine’s Day-themed Dinner

Start by consulting everyone in the family to devise a menu, then assign tasks to each family member to help with the dinner. 

Once everything is ready, sit down together and enjoy the meal while spending time with one another. 

When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching—they are your family.

Jim Butcher, American Author

To make the extra dinner special, turn off the TV and phones and take time to talk to one another. 

Enjoy the meal together, and include some conversations about why you love each other and the special memories you have shared as a family.

2. Bake Sweet Treats Together

Learning how to bake sweet treats while spending quality time with family can be an enjoyable and educational activity all rolled into one. 

Gather everyone in the kitchen and let each family member choose a recipe they would like to make. 

Take turns helping each other measure ingredients, mix, and bake your tasty treats. You can even decorate your treats with icing or sprinkles. 

Enjoy your sweet creations afterward, and make it Valentine’s Day tradition to bake sweet treats together every year.

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3. Have A Family Dance Party

This activity is a great way to get everyone up, move, laugh, and have a great time together. 

You can pick some of your favorite songs to dance [1] to or get creative and create a mix with your family’s favorite songs. 

Make it into a game by switching who chooses the music each time or have everyone in the family participate.

4. Host A Family Game Night 

With games like Jenga, charades, and other classics, you can have a fun evening of laughter and friendly competition on Valentine’s Day. 

Not only will it be a great bonding experience, but it also creates a memorable experience for your family. 

You can also make it memorable by making themed snacks or creating a special Valentine’s Day playlist.

5. Have A Family Photo Shoot 

family photoshoot

Having a family photo shoot on Valentine’s Day is a fun activity that will create memories that will last a lifetime. 

With a professional photographer present, you can capture special moments and have a keepsake to look back on for years. 

The photos can be used for holiday cards, framed pictures for the home, or even a canvas to hang on the wall. 

Besides, it’s a wonderful opportunity to gather the family and spend some quality time together and serves as a nice record of the love within your family.

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6. Make A Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt is one of the fun and creative ways to get the whole family involved in celebrating the holiday. 

Create a list of items for the family to find around the house and yard. And then let the team work together to find all the items. 

Each team member can take on a specific task, like finding flowers, candy, or hearts, and everyone can come together to assemble their findings into a Valentine’s Day bouquet. 

Plus, the team who finds the most clues and the first to arrange it wins a prize! But what activities should 4th graders do on Valentine’s day?

7. Make A Family Time Capsule Full Of Mementos

As a family, decide what mementos you will include in the capsule and where to store it. 

Each family member can add something special to the capsule [2], such as a handwritten note or an artwork they have made. 

Seal the capsule, plan to open it, and share the memories years from now. 

These souvenirs can be anything meaningful and special to the family and can be opened in the future to remember the special memories of Valentine’s Day.

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8. Have A Picnic In The Park

Enjoying Valentine’s Day as a family by having a picnic in the park is an enjoyable and inexpensive activity in which everyone can get involved. 

Pack a picnic basket with your favorite finger foods, such as sandwiches and chips, and a few treats for dessert. Bring a blanket and chairs to relax on and enjoy the outdoors. 

Add Valentine’s Day decorations to your picnic, like heart-shaped balloons and streamers, to set the mood. 

After your picnic, take a walk around the park and breathe the fresh air. Take home some souvenirs, like pictures of your family or a bouquet of wildflowers collected from the park.

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9. Play Board Games

Board games are fun, affordable, and can be enjoyed with people of all ages. 

Playing it on Valentine’s Day can also be a great way to keep the holiday from becoming too commercialized and to focus on what’s important: spending quality time together. 

Games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, and even classics like checkers can help bring your family together for a memorable Valentine’s Day. 

But it’s not only fun; it can also help you connect with others, develop your analytical and creative abilities, and even have some fun.

10. Have A Family Valentine’s Day Movie Night

living room with television

Setting up a movie night as a family activity is a great way to spend quality time together on Valentine’s Day. 

Snuggle up on the couch with your loved ones and watch a classic love story or a funny romantic comedy you all will enjoy. 

Add to the fun by making themed snacks like heart-shaped popcorn, and serve them with hot chocolate and marshmallows. 

Don’t forget to have a basket of Valentine’s Day treats like chocolates, cards, and themed decorations to make the movie night special.

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How can you make Valentine’s Day memorable for children?

Let your children get involved in preparation for Valentine’s Day by having them help you make cards and decorations. 

Create a special Valentine’s Day dinner with some of your children’s favorite dishes and let them help out with the cooking.

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Do children typically give their parents Valentine’s gifts?

Many children give their parents Valentine’s gifts, from handmade cards and crafts to store-bought chocolates and flowers.

Do parents give their children Valentine’s presents?

Yes, some parents give their children valentine’s presents like a small token of love like a stuffed animal, a box of chocolates, or a handmade card. 

Bottom Line

That’s it! You may begin planning for next year’s Valentine’s Day celebrations now that you’ve read through our recommended activities for families. 

But if it is too boring, you can spice up the events you’ve arranged to make them more memorable for everyone. 

So, put on your creative hats, and have fun celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.


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