Female 30th Birthday Cake Ideas

7 Female 30th Birthday Cake Ideas (Updated)

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For a loved one’s 30th birthday, consider surprising her with a custom-made birthday cake rather than choosing one off the shelf. A personalized cake will bring an extra special element to her festivities.

Fortunately, our team managed to compile awesome female 30th birthday cake ideas to help you out. 

7 Cake Ideas for A Female’s Birthday Cake 

7 Cake Ideas for A Female's Birthday Cake 

1. Create a 30 Number Cake

Modern birthday cakes are now a trend so in a big party like birthday, one of the 30th birthday cake ideas you can try is number cakes. While most bakeshops don’t offer customized birthday cakes, you can ask local bakers near you if they can customize the shape of the cakes.

Also, you can create a fantastic DIY number cake! Bake the cake and shape it with numbers 3 and 0 before topping the cake with gold and silver designs. You may also visit YouTube for more ideas. 

2. Design It As A Shoe

Design It As A Shoe

Women love shoes because they can transform outfits and lift mood [1], so one of the 30th birthday cakes ideas you can try is a shoe-shaped birthday cake. Also, another go-to option for 30th birthday cakes is a store-bought cake with a shoe design. 

In your choice of fantastic cake, shower the top with designs like gold shoes, sandals, and footwear she really loves! You can also check for customized 30th birthday cakes with shoe brands the birthday celebrants own and collect. 

3. Design With Flowers

When it comes to birthday cakes for females, you can never go wrong with flowers. Birthday cakes with flowers are pretty traditional and simple, so this type of cake is ideal for your sweet female friend. 

In addition, we loved the birthday cakes with flowers because you can choose any color and it still looks good. Like baking wedding cakes, most bakers choose icing flowers to decorate cakes but to make it look extravagant, they put real flowers on the side. 

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4. Use A Woman As A Topper

Use A Woman As A Topper

Men would agree with that when it comes to elegant 30th birthday cakes; nothing beats a “woman cake topper.” It is a simple, nice and very elegant birthday cake, plus you can make it in gold! In addition, this type of concept for cakes is inspired by wedding cakes with male and female cake toppers. 

You can also visit online stores if they sell some woman cake toppers, but you can make your own if you want! YouTube can inspire and teach you how to make a DIY birthday cake topper so you can make an awesome birthday cake for the big party.  

5. Top It With A Wine Bottle

They say wine gets better when aged, so one of the great 30th birthday cakes you can consider is a cake with a wine bottle on top. The wine on top signifies wonderful years of life and to celebrate life, the birthday cake with a wine bottle on top is ideal. 

The birthday cake topper can be an edible picture of her favorite or a fondant wine topper. Moreso, you can also top the gold birthday cake with real wine that she can keep for the after-party.  

6. Use “Stepping-Into-30” Topper

Use "Stepping-Into-30" Topper

Another awesome cake topper is a gold “Stepping-Into-30” that you can stick on the middle of the birthday cake. This idea is suitable for a store-bought cake if you are tight on the budget or want a simple yet elegant birthday cake. 

The cake topper denotes your excitement about her future as she reaches 30. People can be sentimental and emotional on their birthdays, so this cake topper signifies a bright future ahead for her. 

7. Use Edible Printed Selfies

Edible printed selfies are part of the game because they can make your birthday cake pretty and safe. People are invested in technology, and one thing they came up with is an edible ink that you can safely use on foods like cake. 

In your choice of cake flavor, ask the bakeshop if they offer services like edible printed cake. We believe that most bakeshops offer this kind of cake type. However, services like this can cost more than traditional cakes. 

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Can you order a 30th birthday cake online?

Yes, you can order 30th birthday cakes online. As a matter of fact, online bakeshops offer a customized birthday cake, so you can easily buy a birthday cake and deliver it to your doorstep. 

How do you DIY a 30th birthday cake?

To make a DIY 30 birthday cake, gather the ingredients needed to bake the cake. After baking it, design the birthday cake with your choice of decoration. On a side note, make sure to incorporate designs that mark her age. It can be a cake topper or a candle with 30 on it! 

Final Cut 

Turning 30 is a big milestone for females, which calls for celebration. May it be a small or big party, cake completes the celebration. Preparing a special and elegant birthday cake will make your birthday celebration a blast. 

You can use toppers for your cakes, edible pictures, flowers, and even her favorite shoes! Whether it is for your birthday or wedding day, no matter how you design your cakes, you should always design them according to your personality.  

Did you like our female 30th birthday cake ideas? Comment down your favorite cake idea! 


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