Easter Basket Ideas For 1 Year Old Boy

8 Best Easter Basket Ideas For A 1-Year Old Boy: Guide

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As Easter draws near, if you’re in search of distinctive and delightful basket ideas for your one-year-old boy, you’ve arrived at the perfect spot.

From classic Easter egg hunts to fun activities and toys, we’ve rounded up some of the best Easter basket ideas for 1-year-old boys that will make any Easter celebration extra special. 

Read on to find out what amazing Easter surprises you can have in store for your special little one this year.

8 Cute Things To Put In An Easter Basket For A 1-Year-Old Boy

1. Soft Plush Bunny Or Chick Toy

Plush Bunny with Ribbon

Plush toys are a great way to help develop a child’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 

Plus, they’re incredibly soft and cuddly, which helps to make them a hit with younger children. 

These bunny and chick stuffed animals would provide hours of imaginative play, allowing the little ones to explore their world of make-believe. 

The plush material’s bright colors and engaging textures will capture the child’s attention and make them want to play with it repeatedly. 

And these toys are durable and built to last, so parents can be sure that the toys won’t tear or get ruined easily.

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2. Crayons & Markers

Crayons are a great way to introduce the concept of color to a toddler [1]. They are easy to hold and can help a child learn shapes and colors. Not just that, but it’s a fun way to explore creative play. 

Another great option is markers. Markers are a great way to introduce writing and drawing to a 1-year-old. 

They are easy to grip, and the color won’t smudge. The child can draw with markers on paper or a chalkboard. 

As a bonus, they are great for coloring in pictures in coloring books or decorating Easter eggs. 

3. Sippy Cup With Colorful Easter Designs

A sippy cup is great for helping babies transition from a bottle to drinking from a cup. The mug is lightweight, durable plastic, making it easy for the baby to grip and handle. 

“The great gift of Easter is hope – Christian hope which makes us have that confidence in God, in his ultimate triumph, and in his goodness and love, which nothing can shake.” 

Basil Hume, Bishop

The colorful Easter designs will make the cup more attractive and fun for the baby. And the sippy cup also features a spill-proof valve that helps to prevent spills and messes. 

4. Stacking Cups Or Blocks For Sensory Play

stacking cups

Stacking cups or blocks is an excellent sensory play activity since it helps them develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and cognitive abilities such as problem-solving and spatial awareness. 

They can also provide an opportunity for early color recognition and counting. 

Besides, stacking and knocking down the blocks or cups can provide sensory feedback and promote cause-and-effect learning.

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5. Musical Egg Shaker Toys

These small and colorful toys are perfect for little hands and can keep a young child entertained for hours. 

With their fun and easy-to-grip design, they encourage motor skills development while also providing sensory stimulation [2]. 

Musical egg shaker toys promote musical exploration and can help to foster an early appreciation for rhythm and sound. 

And these toys are also very affordable and can be found in various colors, sizes, and shapes, making them a perfect choice for an Easter basket gift.

6. Silicone Teething Toys In Bunny Or Egg Shapes

Not only are they cute and festive, but these silicone teething toys also serve a practical purpose by providing relief during the teething phase. 

These toys are soft, non-toxic silicone that is gentle on sensitive gums and perfect for little hands to hold onto. 

Plus, the bunny or egg shape adds an adorable touch and keeps your little one entertained and soothed for hours.

7. Easter-Themed Bibs Or Burp Cloths

Bibs with an Easter motif are a cute and valuable addition to the Easter basket of any boy who is one year old.

They’re perfect for the little one to wear at meals and give a fun holiday touch to the Easter celebration.

You can find bibs with cute and colorful Easter designs, such as bunnies, chicks, and Easter eggs. 

These bibs are made from soft and absorbent materials, making them comfortable to wear and clean.

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8. Play-Doh

4 Different Colors of Play-Doh

If you’re looking for an Easter basket suggestion for a one-year-old boy, Play-doh is a terrific choice because it can be used in many different ways.

It encourages sensory exploration and development as he squishes and shapes the colorful dough with his little hands. 

The non-toxic, non-staining nature of Play-doh makes it a safe and enjoyable activity for little ones. 

And it comes in various sets and colors, making it easy to customize an Easter basket for your little boy.

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What do you do on Easter with a 1-year-old?

On Easter, you can have fun with a 1-year-old by creating Easter crafts, such as decorating eggs or creating an Easter basket with items like small toys or candies.

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What do one-year-olds like to play with?

One-year-olds typically enjoy playing with brightly colored toys such as blocks, dolls, and rattles. 

They have a natural curiosity for their surroundings, so giving them something to climb on or crawl through can be a fun way to keep them occupied.

Wrapping Up

No matter which Easter basket ideas you choose for your 1-year-old boy, the most crucial part of the holiday is to enjoy the time spent together and create lasting memories. 

Celebrating Easter with a little one is so much fun – and their little faces, when they see the treats and toys you’ve chosen, will make it all the more special. 


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