Do You Bring A Gift To A Mormon Baptism

Do You Bring A Gift To A Mormon Baptism?

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Participating in a Mormon baptism is a way to celebrate faith and dedication, an uplifting event where young people make an important stride in their spiritual path.

Having been part of such a gathering, I understand the excitement of it. 

But amidst the anticipation of witnessing this special event, one might wonder: do you bring a gift to a Mormon baptism? 

With that, I’ll shed light on the cultural considerations and help you figure out this thoughtful gesture respectfully.

Should You Bring A Present To A Mormon Baptism?

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It’s a common tradition to bring a gift to a Mormon baptism. 

While not mandatory, offering a present is a thoughtful way to celebrate this significant milestone in the individual’s life. 

“Baptism is the initial step of a faithful heart.”

Max Lucado, American Writer 

When selecting a gift, it’s important to consider the family’s cultural and religious preferences. Items of spiritual significance, like scriptures or uplifting books, are often well-received. 

Remember, the focus is on the spiritual journey, so your present should reflect that sentiment.

What Are Good Gift Ideas For A Mormon Baptism?

1. Stylish Graphic Tees

A creative and casual option, graphic tees with uplifting or scripture-inspired designs can create an engaging gift. 

They provide a way for the baptized individual to express their faith through their clothing while also being a practical addition to their wardrobe.

2. Customized Scriptures With Engraved Name

A personalized set of scriptures, such as the Book of Mormon, can be a cherished gift. 

Plus, engraving their name on the front adds a personalized touch, making these sacred texts special and tailored to the occasion.

3. Scripture Verse Cards Collection

Compact and versatile, scripture cards feature verses from religious texts that can offer guidance, comfort, and inspiration. 

These cards can be kept on a desk, carried in a wallet, or displayed as a daily reminder of faith.

4. Meaningful Jewelry & Religious Accessories

Jewelry items like necklaces, bracelets, or keychains featuring religious symbols or inspirational quotes can serve as constant reminders of faith. 

These accessories can carry sentimental value and accompany the individual’s spiritual journey.

5. Reflective Journal for Spiritual Insights

A journal provides a space for reflection, spiritual insights, and personal growth. 

The baptized individual can record their thoughts, feelings, and experiences as they navigate their faith, creating a valuable keepsake for years.

Check out these baptism gift ideas for adults here.

6. Sunday Best Attire

A set of Sunday clothes, including a dress or suit appropriate for church services, is a practical and meaningful gift. 

These attire pieces are essential for attending worship services and other church activities.

7. Customized Name Art

Personalized or customized name art featuring the individual’s name alongside uplifting scriptures or designs can be a decorative and heartwarming gift. 

It can be a constant reminder of their baptism day and the importance of their faith.

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What Can You Expect At A Mormon Baptism?


At a Mormon baptism, expect a ceremony characterized by total immersion in water accompanied by prayers [1]. 

“Much like the waters of baptism cleanse, a thoughtfully chosen gift can cleanse the heart with its intention and connection.”

Howkapow Gift Site

The proceedings are straightforward and unadorned, drawing a crowd of family and friends to witness and celebrate the occasion. 

Both the individual being baptized and the officiator dons simple white attire, signifying purity and unity.

Can Someone Who Isn’t A Mormon Go To A Mormon Baptism?

Individuals who aren’t Mormons are welcome to attend a Mormon baptism. However, there’s a specific role for official witnesses to ensure the proper execution of the ordinance. 

Previously limited to male priesthood holders, recent changes allow any two members to fulfill this role, broadening inclusivity. 

Attending as a guest offers a chance to witness and respect the ceremony’s spiritual significance while the witnesses oversee the accuracy of the ritual itself.


How much do you give for a child’s baptism?

The range can vary when considering a gift for a child’s baptism. It’s customary for individuals to spend between $20 to $200, with an average of approximately $50. 

But how much do you gift for a baptism, in general?

How old are Mormons when they get baptized?

In the Mormon faith [2], the standard age for baptism is eight years old. 

It is considered the age of accountability, where a child is believed to be mature enough to understand and accept the significance of the baptismal covenant.

Do you bring gifts to a Mormon baby blessing?

While gifts aren’t customary at a Mormon baby blessing, they aren’t inappropriate. 

If opting for a gift, consider something small for the family to open later, as the blessing occurs during church. However, such gifts are not a prevalent tradition among Mormons.

What is the proper attire for an LDS or Mormon baptism?

While attendees are warmly welcomed regardless of attire, women typically opt for modest dresses or tops with skirts. Men often wear white dress shirts and ties. 

However, comfort is key, so wear what feels right for you.

Bottom Line

Drawing from my experiences attending Mormon baptisms, bringing a gift to these cherished occasions is a customary gesture and a heartfelt expression of support for the individual’s spiritual journey. 

Just as I’ve witnessed, a personalized set of scriptures adorned with their name is a meaningful tribute, embodying the significance of this milestone. 

Besides, exploring creative options like graphic tees can provide a contemporary way to intertwine faith and daily life. 

Whatever gift you choose, remember that the sentiment behind it truly matters as you celebrate their newfound commitment to their faith.


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