Diaper Party Ideas

10 Best Diaper Party Ideas To Try

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Soon-to-be parents, particularly those experiencing parenthood for the first time, are excited to announce their news to loved ones. Adding a touch of joy with diapers and presents as the highlight of the occasion is a wonderful idea.

If you want to throw diaper parties but don’t know where to start, allow us to help you out. We have rounded up the best diaper party ideas for you. 

10 Spectactular Diaper Party Ideas For Your Celebration

10 Diaper Party Ideas

1. Send Out Diaper Party Invitations For Your Buds

Diaper parties are simple celebrations among good friends. These are laid-back events and just plain fun, unlike a traditional baby shower. Great diaper [1] party invitations are easy to find these days because of the internet. 

You can choose different baby shower invitations online or from a local shop. You can send invites online or even on the same day of the event!

2. Flaunt A Giant Diaper Designed Cake & Poopie Cupcakes

Poopie cupcakes

If there is one thing you need to prepare for, that would be cakes. If you can find a local cake supplier who can bring giant diaper cakes and castles to life, it would be a treat. You can also commission them to create poopie cupcakes apart from a gigantic, real cake. 

However, you can easily buy a regular cake online. An awesome diaper party cake should be placed in the center as the event’s highlight.

So, make sure that you choose the right location for the event to ensure that everything is set up properly. 

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3. Prepare A Special Wine & Beers Corner For Your Drinks

What’s a celebration without booze and drinks? Every guest, together with the father-to-be, can have a fun diaper party with beers and other alcoholic beverages at the party. Create a special part of the room to drink beer but with a twist. 

Rather than bottles and beer cans, place the content inside a baby bottle. A bigger space for this area would be better to have your drinking game here. 

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4. Grill BBQ & Other Fun Finger Foods To Eat

Grill BBQ

The party-throwers can choose a BBQ Grill baby shower theme. This is a great idea where friends, family, and co-workers can mingle informally and have good food. You do not have to worry about party decorations with this party theme. 

A lot of kebabs, burgers, and finger sandwiches on the table while the rest is on the griller is the perfect setup. It’s an easy diaper party idea you must try. But what can you wear to a gender reveal party?

5. Prepare Diaper Party Games For More Fun

Men In Diapers

You can have the most fun baby shower if you include “men in diapers” with your list of games during the event. The dad-to-be, together with his male friends, wear diapers the entire duration of the party. 

Who wears the diapers best gets a prize. They can wear it outside their pants and trousers, by the way. 

Changing Baby Diapers Race

This is one of the classic baby shower games. There will be two teams. It can be a battle between the dad-to-be’s family or mom-to-be and her friends. 

Players will change the diapers of each team’s baby doll. They need to clean the bum of the doll with baby wipes, pat it dry with powder, and tag their next team member. The first team to finish wins the game. 

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6. Ask Your Guests To Wear Funny T-Shirts About Diapers & Babies

You can add this to your party ideas where you get to ask your guests to wear statement shirts about becoming a parent or about diapers or babies. 

You can include a note on the diaper party invitation you give out. You can also give prizes to those who come with the best statement on their shirts. 

7. Assign A Special Table For All The Diaper Gifts

Receiving diapers and wipes are usually the most common baby shower gifts you get when you throw a baby shower. For these wonderful presents, prepare a separate table to place them in. 

These baby diapers come in various sizes, and you should welcome each. More diapers, more fun!

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8. Drink Beers Out Of Baby Bottles

Baby Bottles

As mentioned, you can include beer drinking in a bottle with the baby shower games. However, you can hand out drinks in infant bottles to add more fun to the event. This activity is a must during a diaper shower. Everyone will be on their feet, having fun.  Check out some Little Pumpkin Fall ideas for a baby shower here

9. Prepare A Diaper Raffle Game

Playing games add life to a party. If most of your guests are parents or soon-to-be parents like you, a raffle is a perfect option. You can tie and wrap diapers with ribbons. 

If you already know the gender of your new baby, you can base the color of your ribbons on that. Blue if the new baby is a boy, pink if a girl. Parents-to-be would love to have newborn diapers, but any size would be welcome since babies grow anyway. 

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10. Play Lucky Diaper Scratch Off Game Cards

Game Cards

Another addition to your amazing ideas for your own diaper party is doing a card scratch-off game. Everyone will have a card to scratch and try to reveal the dirty diaper. You can have up to three winners. 

There are a lot of free printables online that you can use, or you can buy these cards online. Those invited to this same event would be familiar with this game. These are easy ideas you can do, too.

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Are diaper parties just for guys?

Yes, diaper parties are for guys only. These are baby showers where the dad-to-be’s friends throw a diaper party for him. Other terms for this activity is Man Shower or a “Dadchelor Party,” where they can spend hours partying. But how much should you spend on a baby shower?

What games do you play at a diaper party?

The games you play at a diaper party are Men in Diapers and a Beer “Bottle” Chugging Game, to name a few. Some want a low-key celebration and just play poker, but there are special games such as the baby food tasting game. Check out our favorite Trunk Party ideas here

Wrapping Up

If you want to throw a diaper party and make it the ultimate diaper party, you can have a baby shower and a diaper party at the same time. You can make it easier for your guests. Those invited to a diaper party can bring diaper castles to the new parents. 

They can bring gifts from small to large or any size. Diapers just need to be their main gift. If you are the event organizer, you only need to ensure that the diaper party food is flowing. 

Bump up your diaper party decorations and send out amazing diaper party invites. Unlike a baby shower, you can find many diaper party gift ideas, low-key or extravagant. 


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