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Creative Gifts Review & Guide (Updated)

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Presenting gifts is a delightful approach to convey gratitude and affection, or commemorate significant moments.

But finding the perfect gift can be challenging, especially if you want to give something unique and creative. 

We check out Creative Gifts’ offerings to find something appropriate for a present and review the store thoroughly.

Now, in this Creative Gifts review, let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks, overall price, and quality of the products to determine if they are worth your money.

The Creative Gifts Store: What Is It? 

Creative Gift Shop Website

The Creative Gifts Store is an online store that specializes in unique, creative, and one-of-a-kind gifts. 

From the middle of the 1950s until now, they’ve served as a manufacturer, importer, and distributor.

The store prides itself on offering one-of-a-kind products that can’t be found in other stores, focusing on quality and affordability. 

Plus, it has a knowledgeable and friendly staff who is always willing to help customers find the perfect gift.

Lastly, Creative Gifts offers online shopping, gift-wrapping services, and competitive prices to make shopping for creative gifts as easy and convenient as possible.


  • Unique gift options
  • Offer personalized services like gift wrapping and custom engraving
  • Affordable prices


  • Unreliable quality
  • Difficulty in returning items
  • Shipping delays

What Items Do Creative Gifts Sell? 

They offer various items ranging from the whimsical to the practical, with something for everyone. 

From personalized items and handmade crafts to gift baskets and home decor, Creative Gifts has something for every occasion. 

And their selection is constantly changing, with new items being added seasonally. 

Some of their popular items include personalized mugs, custom-made jewelry, customized home decor, and unique gift baskets. 

Besides, they offer a variety of corporate gifts, such as promotional items, logo apparel, and gift cards.

Most items at Creative Gifts fall between $15 and $50, with some costing as much as $100. 

So, you will be sure that not only are all of the items aesthetically pleasing, but they are also very reasonably priced.

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How To Order? 

The Creative Gifts order system is quite similar when you order items from other online gift websites. And based on our personal experiences, ordering items in that store is smooth sailing.

Once you’ve added the items you want to the cart, proceed to checkout. Then, you’ll be prompted to provide your contact and shipping information and your preferred payment method. 

Review your order summary to ensure everything is correct, including your items’ quantity, size, and color. 

If everything looks good, click the “Place Order” button to submit your order. 

Creative Gifts will process your order and send you a confirmation email with your details and estimated delivery date.

Aside from that, you can place orders for products over the phone, and a customer service representative will assist you with your purchase.

Plus, their customer service is friendly and helpful, providing numerous options to reduce costs.

How Does Creative Gifts’ Delivery Work? 

Creative Gifts offers fast and reliable delivery services to customers. 

You can expect your order to be shipped within two business days of the order date, and domestic shipping is available to any location in the United States.

First, customers can choose the type of delivery they prefer, such as standard, priority, or express. Next, they can provide their delivery address and pay the shipping fee [1].

Shipping fees are based on the package’s weight, size, and destination, but they range from $8 to $20 to $50. 

And delivery time can range from 2-7 business days, depending on the service selected.

At Creative Gifts, customers can also track the delivery of their orders online. This feature provides customers a convenient way to stay updated on their orders. 

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What About The Packaging?

Creative Gifts takes pride in its packaging process, ensuring that each item is safely and securely packed to protect the product during shipping. 

We tried to order different jewelry boxes on their site. It consists of a silver-plated round box, a square jewelry box, and a round box with a beaded border.  

But how do Harry and David pack their items?

“Every gift which is given, even though it be small, is in reality great, if it is given with affection.”

Pindar, Lyric Poet

Luckily, when it was delivered, it came with strong cardboard boxes designed to fit the item perfectly, keeping it safe and secure during transit. 

They also use bubble wrap and packing paper to provide extra protection for the items. 

Plus, Creative Gifts includes a personal card with every order, thanking the customer for their purchase.

Do They Offer Gift Personalization?

gift products

Yes, the store often offers gift personalization services to their customers. 

Personalization can range from adding a recipient’s name to an item to creating a unique product tailored to the recipient’s preferences. 

They even allow customers to choose the product’s color, design, and material they want to personalize. 

Plus, this level of customization adds a special touch to a gift, making it more meaningful and memorable for the recipient.

What Do Customers Say About Creative Gifts? 

As per our research, not all Creative Gifts customers are happy with their purchases. And there were delays with the shipment of their ordered items. 

Besides that, the process of returning products that have been damaged takes time and effort to accomplish. 

Sometimes, instead of refunding, they may offer a discount on your next purchase. But what do people say about Hazelton’s gift baskets?


Why is it difficult for some people to accept gifts?

People sometimes have difficulty accepting gifts because of a painful or hurtful past. Or some may feel uncomfortable or undeserving when someone is trying to give them a gift.

Is giving gifts a way to deal with trauma?

Yes, sometimes giving gifts can provide an outlet to express care and support to those struggling with trauma [2].

How can one accept gifts without appearing awkward?

Acknowledge the gift and express gratitude for the thoughtfulness without going into too much detail. 

How can one accept gifts without appearing awkward?

Offer to return the favor with an equally thoughtful gesture or take the giver out for coffee or lunch.

Is It Worth Buying Items From Creative Gifts?

From our personal experiences and research, Creative Gifts is a good option for finding inexpensive presents. 

Even if the items are of low quality, purchasing them will help you save time and money.

Before making a purchase, it is helpful to read reviews, compare prices with other stores, and consider your budget and priorities.

Overall, the Creative Gifts Store is a great place to purchase items for any occasion. 


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