Can You Use An Amazon Gift Card At Amazon Fresh

Can You Use An Amazon Gift Card At Amazon Fresh? Explained

Last Updated on February 24, 2024 by Kimberlee Johnson

Being a frequent Amazon customer, I enjoy browsing through the various products they offer.

Recently, I stumbled upon AmazonFresh, their grocery delivery service, but can you use an Amazon gift card at Amazon Fresh?

To satisfy my curiosity, I embarked on a journey of investigation, contacting customer support, and checking online forums. Here’s what I found out. Read on. 

Can Amazon Gift Cards Be Used At Amazon Fresh?

Amazon Gift Card

No, Amazon gift cards cannot be used at Amazon Fresh stores [1] as they are not accepted as a direct form of payment.

While Amazon gift cards can be used on the main Amazon website, they cannot be directly applied to purchases made at Amazon Fresh stores. 

Amazon Fresh is a separate service that offers grocery delivery and pickup, and it operates independently from the main Amazon platform.

Which Payment Methods Are Accepted By Amazon Fresh?

Amazon Fresh offers several convenient payment options for your orders. You can use SNAP EBT, major credit, and debit cards. 

“I go to Amazon to browse for things I can then go find at the mall. It’s like window shopping online. I want to touch the things that I buy. I am the kid who still likes actual books, bookstores, and libraries.” 

Marley Dias, American Activist

For a smoother experience, you can also set up Amazon Pay or Amazon One as your payment method, which utilizes the payment information associated with your Amazon account. 

With Amazon Fresh, you have flexibility in payment methods for a seamless checkout process for your grocery needs. But is it okay to use Amazon gift cards on Audible?

Are Amazon Gift Cards Accepted At Whole Foods?

Whole Foods Market does not accept Amazon gift cards. 

Although Amazon owns Whole Foods Market [2], the payment systems were separate, preventing the use of Amazon gift card balances for in-store purchases at Whole Foods. 

However, by linking their Amazon Prime membership to the Whole Foods Market app, Prime members could still enjoy membership benefits and discounts.

Where To Use Your Amazon Gift Card Besides Amazon?

1. Third-Party Resale Or Exchange

Online platforms allow you to sell or exchange your gift card for cash or other gift cards. 

However, these platforms generally do not offer the card’s total value, and the transaction’s safety and legitimacy can vary.

2. Kindle eBooks

One of the many ways to use Amazon gift cards is to purchase Kindle eBooks. 

With the popularity of e-readers and the convenience of digital books, Kindle eBooks have become a preferred choice for avid readers. 

Using your Amazon gift card, you can easily browse the various genres and authors and download the books of your choice directly to your Kindle app on your smartphone or tablet. 

But can an Amazon gift card be used for Kindle books?

3. Prime Video

Prime Video is one of the places where you can use Amazon gift cards. It’s a streaming service that offers movies, TV shows, and original content. 

With an Amazon gift card, you can watch movies and TV series for free or rent them through Prime Video. 

You can even use the gift card to subscribe to Prime Video for unlimited streaming of popular titles and exclusive access to Amazon Originals. 

So, whether you want to catch up on the latest movies or binge-watch your favorite TV shows, Prime Video is a great option to use your Amazon gift card.

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4. Amazon Appstore

The Amazon Appstore is a great place to use your Amazon gift card. It’s an online store with many mobile apps, games, and other digital stuff for Android devices. 

“Although your Amazon gift card won’t work as a payment method at Amazon Fresh, the good news is that you can still explore the aisles of fresh produce and pantry staples with alternative payment options.”

Howkapow Gift Site

With your gift card balance, you can browse various apps and games. 

The App Store has everything if you want to be more productive, have fun, or discover new games. But how can you add gift cards to Amazon Registry?

Does Amazon Fresh Offer Amazon Gift Cards?

amazon fresh store

Amazon Fresh stores usually didn’t have Amazon gift cards available for purchase. The main way to buy these gift cards was from Amazon’s website. 

Here, you could pick how much you want the gift card to be worth and decide whether you want it sent digitally or through traditional mail. 

But remember, things may have changed since my last update, so it would be a good idea to look up the latest details from Amazon directly or drop by an Amazon Fresh store to check out what they have in stock.


Is it okay to use split payment on Amazon Fresh?

Yes, it is okay to use split payment on Amazon Fresh. This allows customers to pay for groceries using gift cards and other payment methods.

How many Amazon gift cards can you use all at once?

You can use up to 10 Amazon gift cards in a single order, provided that the total amount of the gift cards does not exceed a certain amount that Amazon provides. 

Find out if it’s okay to cash out your Amazon gift card balance here.

Bottom Line

The bottom line of this question is that Amazon gift cards cannot be used directly as a form of payment at Amazon Fresh. 

But fear not. Amazon Fresh offers a range of other convenient payment options to ensure a seamless shopping experience. 

Whether you prefer using SNAP EBT, Amazon One, Amazon Pay, or major credit and debit cards, there are plenty of ways to complete your transaction at Amazon Fresh. 

So, while your Amazon gift card may not be applicable at the checkout counter, rest assured that you have multiple secure and hassle-free payment methods when enjoying Amazon Fresh’s convenience.


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