Can You Use Amazon Gift Cards On Audible

Can You Use Amazon Gift Cards On Audible?

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Have you been intrigued by enthralling tales but faced challenges finding time to read them?

Audible has been a game-changer for avid readers like myself since it immerses you in fantastic tales without flipping a single page. 

But can you use Amazon gift cards on Audible? Today, I’ll share my experience and let you know if you can use those gift cards to get awesome audiobooks. Keep on reading.

Is It Okay To Use Amazon Gift Cards On Audible?

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Audible [1] does not accept Amazon gift certificates or gift cards as payment. 

While Amazon owns both platforms, they operate separately regarding payment methods. 

If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.”

Oscar Wilde, Irish Poet, and Playwright

So, if you’re looking to use your Amazon gift cards on Audible, unfortunately, it is impossible now. 

Rest assured, other convenient payment options are available on Audible to access their extensive collection of audiobooks and enrich your literary journey.

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How Do You Add Gift Cards To Your Audible Account?

1. Locate the Gift Email

First, find the email from Audible with the subject line “You’ve received a gift on Audible from…” It usually contains detailed information about your gifted membership.

2. Click the “Redeem Your Gift” Button

Look for the prominent “Redeem your gift” button within the email. Clicking on it will take you to the Audible website, where you can start the redemption process.

3. Navigate to “Redeem on Audible”

Once on the Audible website, follow the instructions to proceed with the redemption. Look for the “Redeem on Audible” option and select it to continue.

4. Sign In To Your Amazon Account

You’ll then be prompted to sign in to your Amazon account. 

5. Welcome To Your Gift Membership

After successfully signing in, a warm welcome screen will appear, confirming the activation of your gift membership. 

This indicates that the gift card has been successfully added to your Audible account.

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Is Audible Free To Prime Members?

Unfortunately, being a Prime member does not grant you free access to Audible. The perks of an Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus membership are distinct from those of Amazon Prime. 

While Amazon Prime membership offers various benefits like free shipping, streaming of movies and shows, and access to Kindle books, Audible remains a separate platform, requiring its subscription. 

To indulge in Audible’s vast audiobook library, you must acquire an Audible membership and your existing Amazon Prime subscription.

Is PayPal Accepted At Audible?

Audible Website

Audible does not currently support PayPal or any alternative payment methods. The platform exclusively accepts the designated credit cards listed above for transactions. 

“Audible’s boundless adventures in sound, like a siren’s call, entice readers, while Amazon gift cards linger wistfully, hoping for a chance to participate.”

Howkapow Gift Site

Should you encounter a credit card error during a purchase, double-check that the default credit card linked to your account is valid and among the approved cards specified by Audible. 

Staying within the approved payment methods will ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience when purchasing Audible.

What Makes Audible Books So Expensive?

The pricing of Audible books can be attributed to various factors. One significant reason for their expense is that authors may retain only some of the profits. 

In many cases, voice actors demand a combination of a flat recording fee and royalties on sales, which can contribute to higher production costs. 

This approach is often necessary to entice well-known Hollywood actors to dedicate extensive hours to narrating Audible audiobooks. 

These additional expenses are reflected in the pricing of Audible books, making them comparatively more expensive than other forms of literary content.

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Can iTunes gift cards be used to purchase something at Audible?

You can use an Apple Gift Card, an iTunes Store Gift Card, or a promotional code you received to purchase from the Book Store or the Audiobook Store on Audible. 

These gift cards and codes can be used to buy books and audiobooks [2].

Can I give someone an Audible book who doesn’t have a membership?

You can give an Audible book to someone without requiring an Audible membership. 

They must download the free Audible app to listen to the gifted audiobook.

How do you get Audible Premium for free?

Getting Audible Premium for free is easy. You may get a free 30-day membership to Audible by signing up for a trial.

No action is needed if you enjoy the trial and want to continue. Your membership will automatically continue, and you’ll receive an email reminder before the trial ends.

Why won’t Audible take my card?

If Audible declines your card, it could be due to various reasons. 

Double-check that you’ve entered the correct credit/debit card details, including the name, card number, CVV, and expiration date.

What’s the distinction between Audible Plus and Premium?

Audible Plus provides unlimited listening, but only to the Audible Plus catalog. 

On the other hand, Audible Premium Plus includes all the benefits of Audible Plus. Additionally, it offers one monthly credit, used to purchase any audiobook of the member’s choice from the entire Audible catalog.

Key Takeaways

After exploring the possibility of using Amazon gift cards on Audible, it becomes evident that Audible does not currently accept Amazon gift cards for payment. 

But to redeem a gift card on Audible, one can follow simple steps like clicking the “Redeem your gift” button in the email and signing in with their Amazon account. 

And Audible membership is separate from Amazon Prime, so Prime members don’t get free access to Audible. 

Next, Audible only supports specific credit cards and does not accept PayPal or other payment methods. 

The pricing of Audible books can be higher due to factors like recording fees and royalties, especially for Hollywood actors involved in narrations. 


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