Can You Return Xbox Gift Cards To Walmart

Can You Return Xbox Gift Cards to Walmart? Refund Policies

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I have fond memories of receiving an Xbox gift card for my birthday. It was like an invitation to limitless gaming journeys.

But what if you end up with a gift card you can’t use? Can you return Xbox gift cards to Walmart, where it was originally bought?

Today, I’ll share my experience with you so you’ll know what to do if you ever find yourself in a similar situation. Keep reading. 

Can Xbox Gift Cards Be Returned To Walmart? 

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Unfortunately, like most gift cards, Xbox gift cards cannot be returned to Walmart or any other retailer. 

These cards typically come with a strict “no return policy” due to the potential for fraud and misuse if they were allowed to be returned. 

Once you’ve purchased an Xbox gift card, it’s considered sold. 

So, choosing your gift cards wisely is crucial, and ensuring they meet your gaming or entertainment needs before purchasing, as there are no returns at Walmart or other stores. 

Always read the terms and conditions of gift card purchases to ensure everything is understood. But how do you get free Xbox gift cards?

Can An Xbox Gift Card Be Returned To The Microsoft Store?

You can return or exchange an Xbox Gift Card at the Microsoft Store. This process can be completed in person at your local Microsoft Store or online via the Microsoft Store website. 

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When choosing an online return or exchange, you must complete a form and then send the gift card and the form to the specified address. 

This policy offers flexibility for those who may have purchased the card in error or no longer wish to use it, making it more convenient to manage your gaming and entertainment needs.

How Long Does Xbox Refund Processing Take?

Microsoft’s Xbox [1] refund processing usually takes around 7-10 business days. 

But remember that it might stretch to 45 days, depending on where you live and how you paid for your purchase. 

If you used a credit or debit card, the refund might show up as a reversal of the charge on your statement. 

So, while the average time is fairly quick, it’s wise to be patient and check your payment method to see how the refund appears. 

What Should You Do If Your Xbox Refund Is Denied?

If your Xbox refund [2] request is denied, keep hope. You can act by replying to the email from the Refund Team. 

Use this opportunity to explain why you believe the game should be refunded. 

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When you reply to their email, your refund request will be re-opened, and the team will reconsider based on your reasons. 

It’s important to be clear and concise in your explanation, emphasizing any valid reasons for the refund. 

Where Can You Turn In An Xbox Gift Card In Exchange For Cash?

If you find yourself with an unwanted Xbox gift card and prefer cash, Gameflip is a straightforward solution. 

It offers a convenient platform for selling your Xbox Live gift cards for cash. 

Create an account, list your gift card, and interested buyers will make offers. Whenever you decide to take an offer, you can get your money.

Can Xbox Gift Cards Be Canceled?

Xbox Gift Card and Controller

Once you’ve bought an Xbox gift card, cancellation is not an option. Like most gift cards, Xbox gift cards have a strict no-cancellation policy. 

And if when the purchase is made and the card is in your possession, it cannot be reversed. 

This is an important consideration, so it’s wise to be certain of your choice before finalizing the purchase.

Take the time to select the right card for your gaming needs to avoid regrets, as Xbox gift cards are typically non-refundable and non-cancellable after the order has been placed.

Can You Use An Xbox Gift Card More Than Once?

An Xbox gift card can be used for multiple purchases. Once you redeem it on your Xbox account, the gifted amount becomes a credit that you can use until it’s completely spent. 

It’s a convenient way to manage your gaming expenses and enjoy multiple gaming experiences without entering new payment information each time. 

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Can Xbox gift cards be returned at Target?

No, Xbox Gift Cards cannot be returned to Target. Like most retailers, Target follows a strict “no return” policy for gift cards, making them non-refundable once purchased.

Can Xbox gift cards be returned to Gamestop?

No, Xbox Gift Cards cannot be returned to Gamestop. 

Gamestop’s policy states that gift cards, except where required by law, cannot be returned, redeemed for cash, or used to pay for accounts.

Can I buy an Xbox gift card using a GameStop gift card?

Yes, purchasing Xbox gift cards using GameStop gift cards is possible. 

Many users have reported using GameStop gift cards to buy Xbox and PSN cards without complications.

Do Xbox gift cards expire if they aren’t used?

No, Xbox gift cards never expire. Regardless of how long they go unused, the funds on an Xbox gift card remain available for future use with no expiration date.

Find out if Dollar General has Xbox gift cards here.

Final Words

In my experience with returning Xbox gift cards, I’ve learned that you can’t return them to Walmart. They don’t allow it, just like many other gift cards. 

But there’s good news. You can return or exchange Xbox gift cards at the Microsoft Store by going to the store or online. 

This is a good thing because it allows gamers to fix any mistakes they made when buying a gift card or change their minds about what they want to buy. 

Knowing the store rules and looking for other options can be helpful.


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