Can You Put Visa Gift Cards On Apple Pay

Can You Put Visa Gift Cards On Apple Pay?

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I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of receiving a Visa gift card and accidentally forgetting about it or misplacing it among other cards.
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It’s a mix of thrill and potential regret for not using that shiny gift card. But a question often arises: can you put Visa gift cards on Apple Pay? 

As someone who likes to learn about technology and saving money, I looked into this to discover all the details. 

So, keep reading as I share whether you can add Visa gift cards to Apple Pay. 

Can You Add Visa Gift Cards To Apple Pay?

Visa Gift Cards

You can add Visa gift cards to Apple Pay, following a simple process similar to a credit or debit card. 

Here are some steps to add your Visa gift card to Apple Pay [1]. First, open your Apple Wallet app, tap the “+” icon, then choose “Debit or Credit Card.”

Second, you can scan the gift card or manually input the card details. Lastly, remember to add your billing address, and once done, save your information.

But can Visa gift cards be used on AliExpress?

Can You Use Apple Pay To Buy A Visa Gift Card?

You may use Apple Pay to buy a Visa gift card at any store or online merchant that also accepts Apple Pay. Ensure the vendor supports Apple Pay transactions for your intended purchase. 

“Apple Pay is forever changing the way we pay for things.”

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

Like any other product, once you’ve selected the Visa gift card, proceed to checkout and select Apple Pay as your payment method. But can a Visa gift card be used at restaurants?

Why Can’t You Add Your Visa Gift Card To Apple Pay?

You cannot add Visa gift cards to Apple Pay for several reasons. Though adding gift cards to Apple Wallet seems easy, not all are Apple Wallet eligible.

Besides, you can’t just add any gift card straight into Apple Wallet anymore. Instead, you must go through the store or retailer’s app or website. 

So, check if that store works with Apple Wallet first. You can add your card through their app or site if they do. If not, then you can’t use it with Apple Wallet.


What Card Works Best With Apple Pay?

Apple Pay Wallet on a Mobile Phone

When choosing the ideal card for Apple Pay, several options stand out. To begin, the Capital One Venture Rewards credit card offers various rewarding opportunities.

Meanwhile, the American Express Gold card [2] provides valuable perks. For cashback enthusiasts, the Citi Double Cash card is a solid choice. 

“Gift cards meet innovation as Visa joins forces with Apple Pay, offering a touch of tech to your thoughtful presents.”

Howkapow Gift Site

If you spend a lot of money on food each month, the American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card may be worth looking into. 

And, of course, there’s the seamless integration of the Apple card itself. Assess your spending habits and priorities to determine which card aligns best with your Apple Pay experience.

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Is It Better To Use Your Card Or Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a wiser choice for secure transactions than physical cards. 

With Apple Pay, purchases on your iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, or iPad demand Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode for authorization. 

Unlike traditional cards, your card number and identity remain confidential from merchants. 

Neither your actual card numbers nor personal information are stored on your device or Apple servers. 

This heightened security ensures a safer payment experience, making Apple Pay preferable to traditional card usage.

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Can a Visa gift card be added to a bank account?

You can link your prepaid Visa gift card to a bank account. Many also facilitate transfers to third-party platforms like PayPal or Venmo. 

To do it, you have to input your card details, and bank information is all that’s needed to initiate these transfers.

Why doesn’t my Visa gift card work?

Several common factors could be at play. The card may need to be activated, or the cashier is processing the wrong transaction type.

It could be that the charged amount exceeds the card’s balance, or the card processing machine temporarily holds funds and accommodates a gratuity.

How long does it take to activate a Visa gift card?

Typically, a Visa gift card becomes usable immediately upon activation. In certain instances, it might take up to 24 hours for full activation to occur.

What are the risks of using Apple Pay?

While offering convenience, Apple Pay poses certain risks. Cyberattacks are a concern, as with any digital method.

Public Wi-Fi connections can compromise security, exposing sensitive information during transactions.

How many cards does an Apple Wallet hold?

Your Apple Wallet can accommodate eight cards on a single device, offering ample space for various payment methods and enhancing digital payment flexibility.

Bottom Line

Adding a Visa gift card to Apple Pay is possible through the Apple Wallet app, following the same process as a regular card. However, not all gift card retailers are directly supported. 

Apple Wallet no longer allows manual gift card addition, but some retailers offer a solution. You can often add your gift card to Apple Wallet via the retailer’s app or website. 

It ensures compatibility and a seamless experience. 

So, while it’s achievable, it’s essential to be aware of the retailer’s specific steps for hassle-free integration of your Visa gift card into Apple Pay.


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