Can You Check Michaels Gift Card Balance Online

Can You Check Michaels Gift Card Balance Online? Solved

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Shopping is a passion of mine, and I frequently acquire gift cards from various retailers. One of my top places to shop is Michaels, which is well-known for offering arts and crafts supplies.

I recently had a Michaels gift card that I wanted to check the balance on, and I wanted to check if it could be done conveniently online.

So, can you check Michaels gift card balance online? Today, I’ll share my experience and explain how I have figured out an easy way to check its balance. 

How To Check The Balance On My Michaels Gift Card Online

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First, you can visit any Michaels store and ask a friendly cashier to assist you in checking the balance. If you prefer the convenience of online access, visit its official website. 

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You can easily navigate to the gift card balance page and enter the necessary details to retrieve your balance information. 

Or you can call Michaels directly by phone and provide the required details to speak with a representative who will assist you in promptly checking your gift card balance.

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How To Use A Gift Card Purchased From Michaels Online

Using The Gift Card On Mobile

  1. Go to Check Out Page: Once you’ve completed shopping, click on the shopping cart icon and it will be directed to the checkout page.
  2. Select Payment Method: Various payment options are available in the checkout section. Look for and select ‘Gift Card’ as your preferred payment method.
  3. Enter Gift Card Details: You will be prompted to enter your Michaels gift card information. This includes the card number and the PIN, typically found on the back of the card. Ensure you enter these details accurately.
  4. Apply Your Gift Card: After entering the required information, click the ‘Apply’ or ‘Apply Gift Card’ button, and the remaining balance will be deducted from your final bill.

Using The Gift Card In-Store

  1. Gather Your Items: Shop your desired products at your nearest Michaels store. Go to the checkout counter when you are ready to pay for your items.
  2. Present Your Gift Card: Give the cashier your gift card and let them scan it. They will typically do this by swiping the card through a card reader. Then, your gift card’s balance will be subtracted.
  3. Manual Entry Option: In the rare event of issues with the card scanner, you can instruct the checkout operator to enter the card number and PIN manually. Ensure they do so accurately to avoid any complications.

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What Stores Accept Michaels Gift Cards?

Michaels gift cards are accepted at all U.S. Michaels stores. 

These gift cards can be used specifically for purchasing merchandise and paying class fees at any Michaels location across the United States. 

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So, if you’re looking for art supplies, craft materials, bead landing, home décor, or class participation, you can conveniently purchase your gift card and unleash your art minds’ creativity at Michaels.

Where Can You Purchase A Michaels Gift Card?

Michaels gift cards can be purchased at any Michaels store across the United States. 

Plus, many grocery stores, department stores, and online retailers also carry Michaels gift cards, expanding your options for purchase. 

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Is There An Expiration On Michaels Gift Cards?

Most gift cards have an expiration date, but Michaels gift cards do not. 

It is because Michaels store credit never expires, so you can hold onto it for as long as you like and use it whenever you’re ready to make a purchase. 

However, if you have physical Michaels gift cards, they may expire if not used within 12 months of purchase. 

Once the card expires, you must contact customer service to get a new one.  

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Can This Gift Card Be Invalid When Not Redeemed?

purchasing michaels gift card online

A Michaels gift card never expires, and no fees are associated. 

If you have a Michaels gift card, you can check the card balance online, by phone, or in-store. 

Most people don’t realize that a Michaels gift card can become invalid if it’s not used within a certain time frame. 

For example, if you receive the gift card as a birthday present but don’t use it within six months, the card may become invalid. 

In other words, you’ll need to redeem the card within six months of receiving it to avoid any issues. But how to get an Xbox gift card for free?

Are Michaels Gift Cards Redeemable In Other Stores?

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If you’re wondering whether Michaels gift cards are redeemable in other stores, the answer is, unfortunately, no. 

You can only use the gift cards at Michaels stores or online. Nevertheless, there are a few ways you can get around this restriction. 

The first option is to buy a Visa or Mastercard gift card, which can be used everywhere that accepts Visa or Mastercard [1] payments. 

Another option is to purchase it from a store that accepts the store’s gift cards as payment, such as Bed Bath & Beyond or Pottery Barn. 

Finally, if you have a friend or family member with a Michaels gift card, you could always ask them to purchase it for you.

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Can I redeem a Michaels gift card for cash?

You can’t redeem a Michaels gift card for cash, but you can use it to purchase products at Michaels stores or online.

How to put a Michaels gift card into my Apple Wallet?

You should be able to add a Michaels gift card to your Apple Wallet by scanning the barcode on the back. 

You can try contacting Michaels customer service [2] for help if you’re having trouble.

Can a Michaels gift card be returned? 

Yes, most Michaels stores will accept returns for gift cards if the card hasn’t been used. Just bring it and your receipt to the customer service desk. 

Can I buy gift cards with my Michaels Rewards?

Unfortunately, you can’t buy gift cards using Michaels Rewards. 

The rewards vouchers provided through Michaels Rewards cannot be used to purchase gift cards, extended warranties, or items sold and shipped by third-party sellers.

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Does Michaels accept returns without a receipt?

Michaels does accept returns without a receipt, but customers must present a valid photo ID during the return process.

Final Thoughts

Checking your Michaels gift card balance through mobile is a hassle-free process that allows you to stay on top of your funds without leaving your home. 

First, stop by any Michaels retail store and inquire about your card balance with the checkout operator.

Besides, Michaels provides the convenience of checking your gift card balance through their official website or by calling their customer service hotline. 

Remember that Michaels gift cards are accepted at all U.S. Michaels stores for merchandise and class fees. 


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