Can I Use PlayStation Gift Card For PlayStation Plus? Solved

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I will always remember the happiness on my son’s face after I gifted him a PlayStation gift card on his birthday. He was eager to redeem it for his favorite games and subscriptions.

But here’s the catch – when it came to PlayStation Plus, I wasn’t entirely sure if he could use the gift card for it. So, if you’re wondering, “Can I use PlayStation gift card for PlayStation Plus?”

With that, I’ll share the details of how PlayStation gift cards work and whether they can unlock the wonders of PlayStation Plus.

Is It Okay To Use Playstation Gift Cards For PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation Plus

Absolutely. PlayStation Plus [1] can be purchased using a PlayStation gift card.

It lets you play games with your friends online, gives you free games every month, and even offers discounts on games.

You can go to the PlayStation Shop and enter the code printed on the back of your gift card. And the money will be added to your PlayStation wallet.

Then, you can use that money to get PlayStation Plus and enjoy all its cool features. So, your gift card can open the door to many fun gaming adventures.

But how can you redeem a Target Playstation gift card?

What Is The Distinction Between PlayStation Plus & PlayStation Gift Cards?

A PlayStation gift card can be used like real money to buy anything in the PlayStation Store, including games, DLC, and more.

On the other hand, PlayStation Plus gift cards are incorporated with a 12-month PS Plus membership. 

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This service unlocks multiplayer gaming for select games, allowing you to play online with friends. 

Plus, it offers monthly discounts on specific online game titles, allowing you to grab games at lower prices.

What Do Gift Cards From PlayStation Plus Do?

Gift cards from PlayStation Plus allow you to download new games, DLC (Downloadable Content), and videos directly to your PlayStation console. 

You can stream movies and music with them, expanding your entertainment options beyond gaming.

“A PlayStation gift card isn’t just a card; it’s your gateway to a world of online gaming with PlayStation Plus.”

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These gift cards are a flexible currency, allowing you to pick and choose from a vast library of digital content, enhancing your PlayStation experience far beyond gaming.

How Often Can A PlayStation Gift Card Be Used?

A PlayStation gift card can be used once. These cards function as one-time codes to add a specific amount of funds to your PlayStation Wallet. 

The card becomes inactive once you redeem the code and transfer funds [2]. 

It’s essential to make the most of the card’s value when you redeem it because it won’t have any residual balance for future use. 

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How Long Does It Take To Process A PlayStation Gift Card?

The processing time for a PlayStation gift card varies but generally falls within a few minutes of purchase. 

Once you buy the card, you can redeem it swiftly and enjoy your gaming or entertainment content without significant delay.

But in some exceptional cases, the card might take up to 24 hours to process and become redeemable. 

These rare situations often occur due to technical issues or delays in the card’s activation.

How Long Do PlayStation Gift Cards Usually Last?

Man Holding Playstation Gift Cards

PlayStation gift cards usually work for about one year after you buy them. Interestingly, they don’t have an expiration date on the back like some other cards. 

So, if you get one, use it within that year. After that, the money on the card might not work anymore. It’s like having a ticket to a fun game world, but it has a timer. 

How Do You Purchase PlayStation Plus Using A Gift Card?

  1. Sign In or Create an Account: First, ensure you’re signed in to your PlayStation Network (PSN) account. If you don’t have one, you can create it on This is where your membership will be added.
  2. Locate the 12-digit Code: You’ll find a 12-digit code on your gift card. It’s like a secret password that unlocks the card’s value.
  3. Redeem Your Code: Go to your console’s PlayStation Store or Look for the “Redeem Code” option. Enter the 12-digit code, and the card’s value will be added to your PlayStation Wallet, and you can use it to purchase PlayStation Plus.

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Do PlayStation codes ever expire?

Yes, some PlayStation codes have an expiry date mentioned on the voucher. To ensure your code is still valid, it’s wise to check the PlayStation Network Status page before entering it.

Can you use gift cards and bank cards on PlayStation?

You can combine gift cards and bank or credit cards for purchases on the PlayStation Store. 

Use PlayStation Network gift cards (PSN cards) or add funds with a registered prepaid gift card to your PlayStation Wallet, and you’ll have a flexible payment system for your gaming needs.

Can PlayStation gift cards be used on two different accounts?

No, sharing a PlayStation gift card between two different accounts is impossible. Each gift card code can typically be redeemed only once and is tied to a single PlayStation account. 

Final Remarks

My experience with PlayStation gift cards and PlayStation Plus has been amazing. 

These gift cards are like special keys that open up a world of fun games. You can use them to buy games, extra game stuff, and even movies and music, so you have many things to enjoy.

But the real fun starts when you join for a 12-month membership in the PlayStation Plus. 

You gain access to online multiplayer gaming, monthly game freebies, and exclusive discounts, enhancing your gaming adventures like never before. 

So, if you’re ever wondering whether you can use a PlayStation gift card for PlayStation Plus, the answer is a resounding yes.


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