Can I Cash Out My Amazon Gift Card Balance

Can I Cash Out My Amazon Gift Card Balance? Explained

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As someone who often shops online, the ease and broad assortment offered by Amazon have always fascinated me.

Over time, I’ve collected a lot of money on my Amazon gift cards. But here’s the question: Can I cash out my Amazon gift card balance?

After digging and researching, I’m here to tell you whether you can convert your Amazon gift card balance into real money.

Can You Cash Out The Balance On Your Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon Gift Card Balance

If you’re wondering if you can exchange your Amazon gift card for cash, the answer is both yes and no. Amazon [1] doesn’t allow you to directly turn your gift card balance into cash. 

But you have a few options for using your gift card funds. You can sell your gift card on trusted websites or marketplaces specializing in gift card exchanges.

“I like treating things as if they’re small; you know, Amazon, even though it is a large company, I want it to have the heart and spirit of a small one.”

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They may offer cash for your Amazon gift card, but it might be less than its value. Another option is to use the gift card balance to purchase things you need from Amazon. 

You can also sell it to someone you know or in exchange kiosks, transfer the balance to Amazon Pay, or contact Amazon’s customer service for possible solutions. 

Find out if your Amazon gift card can be used at Amazon Fresh here.

Can Your Amazon Pay Balance Be Transferred To Your Bank Account?

Absolutely. You can move your Amazon Pay balance to your bank account. Amazon offers a simple way to transfer your money in your Amazon Pay balance to your bank account. 

It allows you to use cash for things other than shopping on Amazon. To do this, go to the Amazon website or app and find the Amazon Pay section. 

Look for the option that says “Withdraw Funds” and select it. From there, choose the bank account where you want the money. 

It usually takes 3-5 business days for the transfer to go through and for the funds to appear in your bank account. But how can you add a gift card to the Amazon registry?

Is It Okay To Transfer Your Amazon Gift Card Balance To The Cash App?

You cannot directly transfer your Amazon gift card balance to the Cash App. Amazon gift cards are mainly meant for buying things on Amazon’s website or related platforms. 

But there are other ways to turn your Amazon gift card balance into cash. One option is selling your gift card on trustworthy websites or marketplaces specializing in gift card exchanges. 

Once you have the cash, consider adding it to your Cash App account if you use it. 

Remember that Amazon and the Cash App may change their rules and options, so checking their official sources for the most current information is good.

Check out these steps to convert an Amazon gift card to PayPal here.

Is It Okay To Use Apple Pay To Buy Amazon Gift Cards?

Amazon Gift Card

Using Apple Pay when buying Amazon gift cards within the Amazon website or app is perfectly fine. Apple Pay is a convenient payment method using your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. 

You may add your debit or credit card to Apple Wallet and easily select Apple Pay as your payment method when purchasing Amazon gift cards. 

It’s a simple and hassle-free process that adds an extra layer of security, thanks to features like Touch ID or Face ID. Check if the platform or website you buy gift cards from supports Apple Pay.

Why Doesn’t Amazon Let You Use Your Gift Card Balance?

Amazon sometimes doesn’t let you use your gift card balance because it ensures that the gift cards are used within the Amazon platform, which helps promote sales and customer engagement.

Besides, this policy helps prevent fraudulent activities or money laundering. Suppose you encounter any difficulties in using your Amazon gift card. 

“Don’t let the inability to cash out your Amazon gift card balance discourage you; instead, let it inspire you to explore the endless possibilities within the Amazon universe.”

Howkapow Gift Site

In that case, it’s recommended to review the Amazon Gift Card Terms and Conditions to guarantee compliance with the rules and restrictions for using it.

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Can you move your Amazon Pay balance to Google Pay?

It is not possible to directly transfer your Amazon Pay balance to Google Pay [2]. 

But you may need to explore alternative options or consider using the balance for purchases within the Amazon ecosystem.

Can you buy another gift card with your Amazon gift card?

You cannot purchase another gift card directly with your Amazon gift card. Amazon gift cards can only be purchased for eligible products on Amazon’s website or app.

But can you use an Amazon gift card to buy Kindle books?

How long does it take for an Amazon gift card to be loaded?

Typically, it takes five minutes for the gift card to be loaded and available for use once purchased and activated.

In Summary

To sum it up, the answer to cashing out your Amazon gift card balance is a bit tricky. Yes, there are ways to exchange your gift card for cash, but it’s not a direct process. 

Fortunately, you have a few alternatives for utilizing your gift card funds, such as selling it on reputable gift card exchange websites or making purchases on Amazon. 

And if you’re looking to transfer your Amazon Pay balance to your bank account. 

Remember to stay updated on the latest policies and options Amazon provides to make the most of your gift card balance. 


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