Birthday Picnic Ideas For Adults

13 Best Birthday Picnic Ideas For Adults (Updated)

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Hosting a birthday celebration is invariably enjoyable for all participants. Organizing an event for children may be straightforward, but it can become more complex when planning for adults. Opting to host a birthday picnic is a great way to commemorate these events.

Here are birthday picnic ideas for adults to make that special day even more exceptional.

13 Fun & Trendy Birthday Picnic Ideas For Adults

13 Fun & Trendy Birthday Picnic Ideas For Adults

1. Design A Birthday Picnic-Themed Party Invitation

Personalizing your invitation is a good option, especially if you plan to celebrate it outdoors on a picnic. The traditional way of celebrating birthday parties should not be your only option. You do not have to turn your design into an artwork unless your skills can do the job. 

Think of a summer picnic party design that you can easily print from your computer printer. To put a special touch to it, you can even take a selfie in your own backyard and throw in additional picnic party ideas within your invitation. 

2. Set A Particular Birthday Theme

You cannot have the ultimate birthday picnic without a picnic theme that fits you. You can choose something about your life and your interests. One great option is to create decorations inspired by your life events. 

You can also choose to infuse all your favorite ideas and base your theme on that. If your guests are good friends and family members, you can easily choose a significant concept since you know everyone. You can pick the decor, games, and food everyone will eat without having to worry so much. This party can also be a great gift for a 70-year old man

3. Use Colorful & Unique Picnic Mats

Unique Picnic Mats

A birthday picnic party needs party supplies. Your mats should fit in with your entire birthday theme, and that includes a color scheme. You can choose to spread the mats on the table. Or you can place it in picnic baskets for your guests to layout, should you want them seated on the ground.

You can hand out a picnic basket with mats they can use once your guests arrive. You can pack all these before you meet your friends at the venue. Or you can also choose to prepare everything and hope that everyone you invite arrives at the venue. 

4. Prepare Fresh Flowers For Extra Appeal

Flowers always provide life to an event. Choose flowers that complement your decorations. You can also choose to set up a tree swing and accentuate it with flowers. Your guests can use this for a photo-op. Placing fresh flowers on the table also enhances the mood of the party. 

Just choose a simple floral arrangement to highlight your picnic table. Do not forget that all your decor ideas should complement each other. Pick the right colors that add vibrance to the venue.

5. Throw In Some Unique & Comfortable Pillows

Create a fun and relaxing place for your friends and guests by preparing comfortable pillows. These can be part of your decor inspired by the concept you chose. Setting a comfortable setup in an open-air setup is a great idea. 

They can sit and relax as they fill their stomach with food and their heart with enjoyment. Choosing the right picnic party ideas will give your guests the chance to enjoy not just the food but the company as well. Everyone can quietly sit back and relax as they talk with each other sprawled in the blanket and enjoy the fresh air outdoors. 

6. Offer Some Cutesy Throw Blankets

Throw Blankets

For a special gathering, you would need an equally special blanket. The traditional checkered blanket would be alright for a regular Sunday picnic. However, special picnic blankets are called for a special birthday party.

Before your birthday picnic, look for picnic blankets that fit your theme. Search for the right colors that will blend perfectly. Similar to a park, backyards can be chilly in the evening. Blankets can come in handy if what they drink does not keep the cold at bay.

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7. Prepare A Fruit & Cheese Board

Having good food at a party is necessary if you want your guests to enjoy it. A fruit and cheese [1] board is one of the party ideas that will be a potential hit. Fruits are not heavy on the stomach, and cheese goes well. 

Pick summer fruits such as watermelon, apples, and mangoes for this special occasion. This will be what your guests will munch on during the party, along with those other menus you plan on serving. Watermelon and other juicy fruits can keep the thirst away as your friends play at the party. 

8. Serve Homemade Refreshments

A fun birthday picnic party will need a lot of refreshments. You can place tasty drinks on the picnic table. Start planning what to give your friends, but make sure you have enough to last the entire party. 

Take note of your guests. Have something that both young and adults can drink. Friends enjoying parties is almost always because of the drinks handed to them. Refreshments should be flowing in a birthday picnic party. 

9. Use Real Glassware For A More Classy Appeal


A night of enjoyment and fun in your backyard requires a lot of food and something to drink. Real glassware can provide that classy appeal when you hand them the drinks. Kids can do with plastic cups. 

However, sipping wine and cocktail drinks requires a real glass for the adults and important guests. Also, greetings and offering a toast from well-wishers do not sound so good with plastic cups. 

10. Use Portable Wooden Wine Tables

Using a portable wooden wine table is a sensible party idea. This way, you can easily place the table anywhere at your chosen location. What is important is that you ensure that the floor is flat to keep the wine table from falling. 

Spills will not be a problem as well should these accidents happen. Draping a picnic blanket over it can be a fitting cover. But what do you usually put in a beach bag gift?

11. Prepare Fun & Exciting Games

The games you will be playing with your guests should be a part of your planning process. Picnic parties are the perfect events where everyone can enjoy and play. Choose games that do not require running if your guests are not very active. 

You can research ahead and think of a game that fits your cohesive theme. Decorating the picnic birthday party with fairy lights is not enough to make everyone enjoy it.

Everyone will have a great time if you prepare games that can be played by both young and adults present at the picnic party. But how should you entertain adults at a first birthday party?

12. Set Up A Cute Teepee

A Cute Teepee

Having a teepee outdoors is a good party idea. Adults and kids alike will enjoy sitting under it. Even if this is an adult birthday party, kids may be present, and keeping them inside a teepee or a tent is fun. 

You can decorate it with balloons which the kids can bring home once they leave. Balloons can also serve as the door to the teepee or the tent that you will be setting up. 

13. Highlight A Delicious Birthday Cake & Cupcakes

Your birthday cake should be part of your final planning. A memorable night will happen if you ensure that you highlight your cake at the table. Place your birthday cake together with your cupcakes on a secure and flat surface. 

It will not only showcase its delicious appearance but will also be safe from accidents. Do not forget to keep your cake aligned with your birthday concept. Here’s how you can say happy birthday in Hawaiian


Is a picnic a good idea for a birthday?

Yes, a picnic is a good idea for a birthday. You can choose just to pull out the traditional checkered mats or go big. You can find simple inspiration from the internet. You can also choose a theme that you know every guest will enjoy. 

How do you organize a picnic party?

You organize a picnic party by careful planning. Birthdays celebrated in the backyard require careful planning. Decide on who to invite, what to prepare, and what you will do before sending out your invitations. A surprise turn of events is not likely to happen with a carefully-planned event. 

How do you throw a fancy picnic?

You throw a fancy picnic by choosing the perfect location for the gathering. Take note of your special guest and the rest who will join the party. Make sure that your food and necessities are enough for the duration of your party. 

Wrapping Up

Birthday picnic ideas for adults are not very hard to plan. You only need to make sure that your plan is dependable and have a contingency plan should something go wrong. Once your guests arrive and park their vehicles, everything should be ready for them to enjoy.

You should carefully plan everything from decor inspiration to your picnic giveaways. The balloons should accentuate your picnic ideas. Lastly, you should fill your body with energy and pack it with inspiration to ensure that your picnic will be a blast. With all these preparations, it should be a happy birthday in the end. 


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