Birthday Party LOL Cake Ideas

7 Best Birthday Party LOL Cake Ideas (Updated)

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LOL parties have become increasingly popular in recent times, particularly among those who are fond of LOL. If you are considering organizing one, kickstart your party planning with a LOL birthday cake.

Fortunately, our team prepared some birthday party LOL cake ideas to complete the party table. 

7 Birthday Party LOL Cake Ideas

7 Birthday Party LOL Cake Ideas

1. Create LOL Characters 

One of the birthday cake ideas you can try is creating LOL (Lil Outrageous Littles) characters for your LOL party. Since there are different series from the show, why not create your own LOL characters for your LOL birthday party? 

There are tons of LOL surprise dolls you can imitate, so feel free to check out google for tips and suggestions on the LOL birthday cake theme. In addition, you can ask your local baker to customize LOL characters for the LOL birthday cake, or you can try and make one on your own! 

2. Use LOL Main Colors

Use LOL Main Colors

Why use different colors for the LOL birthday cake when you can decorate it using the main colors of LOL? LOL’s main colors are bright and cute, so they will surely bring craze to your LOL birthday cake. 

Pink, violet, teal green, and orange are some of the main colors ideas you can use for your LOL birthday cake. You can use the colors to decorate the simple LOL birthday cake and ensure it fits the theme and grace the party table. This one’s great as a 4th birthday party idea, too. 

3. Use Edible Printed Pictures 

Why use printed pictures for your LOL birthday cake to decorate it with edible printed pictures? Edible printed pictures are hype because they can turn simple accessories into cute, functional cake designs. 

You can ask your local baker to top the LOL birthday cake with edible printed LOL surprise dolls. It is a perfect and simple topper that will leave a good impression on the guests who will attend your LOL party, plus it is safe to eat too! 

4. DIY Cupcake Toppers

DIY Cupcake Toppers

DIY cupcake toppers can be a perfect partner to your LOL birthday cake. Cupcakes offer multiple flavors and give you more choices of LOL surprise characters and use it as a cupcake topper. Cupcake is a food that is easy to decorate, and kids will surely enjoy the food because it is cute and sweet.

Colorful cupcakes are a perfect fit for a LOL party-themed birthday. You can fill the top of the cupcakes with LOL surprise dolls or cut out some LOL characters as cupcake toppers. In addition, it is fun to make, and you can ask your kids for some help. 

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5. Use Lollipops & Candies

Aside from the LOL birthday cake, another great centerpiece for your LOL party is the lollipops and candies inspired by the LOL surprise characters. Candies and lollipops can grace the center table, plus it goes well with the LOL party. 

Buy your choice of candies and lollipops at the grocery store, then print designs inspired by LOL. Wrap the designs on the food or put it in a goody bag as a party favor and share it with the kids at the LOL party.  

6. Create An LOL Doll Cake

LOL Doll Cake

If you love baking or enjoy making DIY birthday cakes, you can create a LOL doll cake. Store-bought cakes can be plain and boring so a LOL birthday cake would be a great idea.

People love to post or share tips and tutorials on creating a LOL doll cake. You can check the internet post for tips on creating a LOL birthday cake to make things much easier. 

7. Order LOL Cakes Online

If you don’t have time to make your own LOL birthday cake or are not that creative, don’t stress yourself because you can leave it to the experts. 

We all know that pulling a LOL party theme can be challenging, so to lighten your workload, you can order a LOL birthday cake online. 

Bakeshops and local bakers offer customized cakes – even the popular TikTok cakes – so you can ask them if they can make a birthday cake in a LOL theme. 


Is it easy to DIY LOL birthday party cakes?

No, it is not easy to DIY LOL birthday party cakes. While baking is an act of love, it is also a skill you need to learn and improve [1]. In addition, a LOL birthday cake is complicated, so it would be challenging to make, especially if you don’t bake often. 

How much does a LOL birthday party cake usually cost?

A LOL birthday party cake usually costs around $80. Birthday cakes can be expensive, so it is expected that a cake with a theme can cost you more. Store-bought cakes can be affordable, but a cake with a theme can be expensive due to the labor cost and additional food designs.  

Final Cut 

Throwing a LOL party theme is never easy because you have to ensure that every detail fits the theme. Fortunately, this post is made for people looking for birthday party LOL cake ideas that they can try at their next birthday party. 

Have fun, be creative, make your own LOL birthday cake or buy a ready-made one! Any themed party on your mind? Click the comment box, share it with us, and we will reply with fantastic ideas! 


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