Best Baby Shower Gift Wrapping Ideas

10 Best Baby Shower Gift Wrapping Ideas

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A new mother will appreciate any gifts given at her baby shower. However, adding a creative touch to the wrapping can make the presents even more meaningful. The wrapping does not have to be extravagant, but it can add a cute and special touch to the gifts.

Luckily, we will share some baby shower gift wrapping ideas that you can do.

Top 10 Exciting Baby Shower Gift Wrapping Ideas

Top 10 Exciting Baby Shower Gift Wrapping Ideas

1. Gender Neutral Baby Gift

A gender-neutral baby gift wrapper looks like other wrapping papers without any gender-specific design. For example, you can use a gender-neutral gift bag for baby socks or diapers. The wrapper can add an element of surprise when opening the present.

2. Fabric Gift Wrap

Fabric Gift Wrap

Fabric is one of the cute and creative baby shower gift wrapping ideas. It is ideal if you want creativity but somewhat simple living baby gift wrap ideas. It’s very simple to create and inexpensive [1]. All you need is some fabric strips, a ribbon or bow, and scissors. 

3. Car Ride

A car-ride theme design is one of the great ideas for interactive gift wrappings, making them look adorable. You can glue mini toy cars [2] on the wrapper for a 3D effect for the baby shower present for a baby boy. 

4. Fox Gift Box

Fox Gift Box

A fox gift box is another baby shower gift wrapping idea for boys and girls. It is available in many sizes so you can put baby things like diapers, smart school houses, project nursery items, etc. Top it with a ribbon to make a super cute gift.

5. Rolled Onesie Babies

When thinking of a baby gift wrapping idea for baby clothes, the traditional way is to put them in a basket. But you can be more creative by covering the baby washcloths first in a craft paper. It would look much better when given to the new mother.

6. Teddy Bear Balloon

Teddy Bear Balloon

You can use a teddy bear ballon as one of the fun and cute ideas to hide your real gift of baby items for the mom-to-be. It will create an element of surprise when it gets popped for the reveal.

7. Giant Cupcake

Using a giant cupcake-designed baby shower gift wrap for your gifts is a good idea. The kraft paper would make your gift for a baby girl to be fun, creative, and eye-catching at baby showers. 

8. Calendar Sheet Gift Wrap

Calendar Sheet Gift Wrap

Using a calendar sheet as a baby shower gift wrap is a cute idea to enfold a unique baby shower gift. The days of the month from the calendar sheet can indicate the little one’s birth.

9. Dreamy Gift Wrap

A wrapper with a dreamy theme is an innovative way of wrapping baby shower gifts for a fortunate interpretation of purity and innocence. It can come in adorable ideas of designs of clouds and stars or find shapes—and in colors of pink for girls or green for boys.

But what are some invitation ideas for a baby shower with a twinkle-twinkle little star theme?

10. Bathtub Diaper Cakes

Bathtub Diaper Cakes

A bathtub diaper cake is one of the most fun and creative ways of enfolding a baby shower gift when presenting essentials such as a diaper bag, tissue paper, diapers, baby blankets, toys, etc. In addition, it is a fun way to decorate and wrap stuff without wrappers or bags.

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Are you supposed to wrap baby shower gifts?

It’s not compulsory to do as some presents are just as cute for a boy or girl without the wrapper. But many people still do it for a creative baby shower gift presentation. However, it is not a requirement these days to wrap a present. 

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How do you wrap a baby shower gift without wrapping paper?

To wrap a baby shower gift without wrapping paper, you must make it look presentable. A handmade bow or ribbon can make all the difference. The bow is a good idea because it won’t require an extra cost. Also, it will add a personal touch to the gift.

But how can you decorate the chairs for a baby shower event?

It’s A Wrap!

There are many great ideas for wrapping a baby shower gift. You can choose any of them depending on your preference and budget. 

Whether you want extravagant, creative, or budget-friendly gift wrapping, the above ideas help prepare for your surprise. Besides, the main goal is to find the balance of enfolding your present without making it too complicated.


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