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10 Best Anime Party Ideas To Try

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Attending anime conventions can be an exciting experience. If you’re an avid anime aficionado, hosting such a convention at your location could be ideal. Being an “otaku” likely means your subsequent get-together will center around anime. Nevertheless, if you require support in arranging your next event, there’s no shortage of resources to help you.

Thankfully, our team found helpful anime party ideas that you can try. 

10 Superb Party Ideas For Your Anime Party

10 Anime Party Ideas 

1. Send Out Anime-Designed Party Invitations

Begin with the anime theme you want to use. A simple but significant theme would be best. Choose characters that you know to ensure you have a great party theme. 

Once decided on that, pick your invitations from a local store. If there are no available invites with your chosen theme, you can create your own. You can search for templates online and print out your party invites. 

You can personalize it by placing images of your favorite characters. You can also add Etsy designs and other decorations to make it special. 

2. Ask Your Guests To Wear An Anime Costume

The most fun part of having an anime-themed party is dressing up as your favorite character. What makes it even more fun is asking your friends and guests to wear clothes or costumes. 

Send invitations asking your friends to dress up as Yu Gi Oh, Naruto, or any of their favorite anime characters. If all your friends arrive wearing an anime character, your party will appear to be a fun convention. 

You can plan a costume contest and prepare prizes for those who exert the most effort with their anime character costumes. 

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3. Design An Anime-Inspired Cake

An Anime-Inspired Cake

An anime-themed party will not be complete without an anime-inspired cake. Your choices for an anime-inspired cake are massive. Anime faces are normally drawn or designed as toppers on these cakes. 

That fully depends on the skills of your baker. You can work hand-in-hand with them to come up with the cake you want if you cannot make your own. 

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4. Use Party Favor Bags & Hand Out Goodies

Pick out interesting items to include in your party favors bags and goodies for your party games. Miniature crafts like Key chains, card games, toys, a watch, and candy, can be part of your party favors to your guests or prizes during games.  

Remember to match your hand-out bags with your Japanese animation theme. Fans would love to have tiny trinkets that shout “anime,” like fake elf ears or ninja stuff. You can also add sweets and candies inside the bags for your guests to enjoy when they leave your house. Here are also some gift ideas for Anime lovers

5. Serve Anime-Inspired Foods & Snacks For Your Guests

Food ideas for your theme are also important. You can prepare or order food from a local restaurant. Have some stir fry with chicken and noodles for your guests. You can also prepare vegetables and soup for your friends to enjoy. 

Noodles are the most common food you see in animes. However, your guests will also love fried shrimp with dipping sauces, clams steamed in butter, and some fried rice as well. Complete your preparation with fruits and sweets. 

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6. Chill & Serve Drinks Using Anime Merch Cups & Tumblers

Anime tumbler

Refreshments and drinks are essential to an anime-themed party. Picking matching anime merch cups and tumblers to serve cherry blossom [1] tea is a good idea. You can also serve green tea, soy milk, and other non-alcoholic beverages. 

Serving sake and Japanese beer to adult guests fits an anime-themed party. There are instances when your party guests are of legal age and can indulge in liquors. Preparing these drinks can come in handy. 

7. Imitate Your Favorite Anime’s Food 

If you often watch Japanese animations, you’ll notice that their food is part of Japanese culture. An anime-themed party is not complete without Japanese food served to your guests. Sushi logs are the easiest choices. An example would be Teriyaki meat and other Japanese food you can find online. 

Choosing simple but staple Japanese foods will make the event more special. Just make sure not to forget to place a massive plate of sushi for everyone to enjoy. 

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8. Decorate Your Party Area With Anime-Printed Balloons & Decors

What’s a party without balloons? You can ask your local supplier if anime balloons fit your theme. If they do not have them, you can draw on the balloons. Just draw simple designs or images. 

You can also print designs on them. Lastly, you can search online if suppliers carry the design you want. You can alternately hang paper lanterns and accessories along with your balloons.

Consider using personalized inflatables as an alternative to balloons to decorate your party area if you’re looking for something unique. These fun and colorful decorations are sure to get guests talking, and they can be used to create a variety of different looks.

Whether you want to go all out with a giant dragon inflatable or keep things more subtle with smaller items, there’s an anime inflatable perfect for your party. You can even play games with these inflatables.

9. Prepare An All-Anime-Inspired Photobooth & Backdrop

Anime backdrop

A good idea for a photo booth and backdrop would be scenes from your favorite anime-themed show. Another idea is to print them and frame them. 

You can hang some of these frames along with origami arts and paper lanterns. Origami is a Japanese art, and you can learn example pieces you can use during the event from the internet. 

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10. Use Your Favorite Anime’s Official Soundtrack As Your Party Music

An all-out anime-themed party will not be complete without anime songs in the background. You can also play movies or videos from your favorite show. You can place a widescreen TV or a projector [2] in one of the areas to serve as entertainment to your guests. 

There are plenty of categories you can choose from. You can play upbeat music to encourage people to enjoy and be on their feet. You can also create a video clip containing your favorite scenes with anime music accompaniment. 


How do you throw an anime party?

You can throw an anime party by telling your friends about your plans first. You can invite them to come in their favorite character costumes. Then, prepare your venue with art and crafts related to your theme. Lastly, ensure that your food is also Japanese or anime-inspired. 

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Who is the most famous anime for anime parties?

The most famous anime party character would be Demon Slayer’s Nezudo Kamado or Tanjiro Kamado. These characters are very popular in the world of anime. The style of this animation is what made more people get hooked to it. 

Wrapping Up

Anime themes are the latest trends these days. Both young and adults enjoy these shows as well as the mangas. If you throw a large party, the host should search for the best character. 

As host, you should wear a dress or costume befitting your theme. There are multiple categories you can choose from to fit your style. You should also prepare the songs you should play during the get-together. 

If you choose to play a video, consider the language since not everyone can understand other languages. Planning will give you the best party, so do that ahead. 


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