Best ABC Party Ideas To Try

4 Best ABC Party Ideas To Try (Updated)

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We got your back as our team created a cheat sheet of ABC party ideas for your next celebration.  

4 Awesome ABC Party Tricks You Need To Try

1. Choose A Theme For Your Party

ABC Party or Anything But Clothes Party is a themed party commonly held by college fraternities. The idea is simple: guests must dress anything except for clothes [1]. 

To start the party on the right foot, you must choose the theme of your party. Choosing the theme will help you and your guests narrow down their choices for costumes and decorations for the party.

2. Set Up A Great Venue/Place 

Pool Area

Got a pool? That will be cool! Set up the party decorations and use your imagination to style the venue because no one wants to attend a boring college party. When in doubt, search the internet for related college party themes. But what should you put in a beach bag gift?



A garden can be one of the top choices to set up a great venue for the party. The main goal here is to have a clear area that does not have anything that can be wrecked. For sure, there will always be one guy knocking things or people, so don’t let him ruin your things. 


The rooftop can be an awesome place to hold this party. You can cover the walls with random stuff like toilet paper, caution tape, and beer boxes. Also, you can put up some lights and a dance floor for the crowd. 

Your college party must be awesome, and putting it in the party atmosphere can make the crowd go wild and have fun. 

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3. Be Creative In Your Costume Ideas

Funny Costume Ideas

Use Foil In Making Your Dress

Imagination and creativity are necessary to pull off the best Anything But Clothes costumes. Girls may prefer wearing a dress to this college party using aluminum foil and saran wrap. Yes, you can show up in a wedding dress made of foil because it is easy, simple, and very creative. 

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Use Garbage Bags & Household Items 

College can make you feel like trash, so why not use garbage bags as costumes for an ABC party? Using a black trash bag, shower curtains, saran wrap, newspaper, and magazine, you can create clothing. 

In addition, you can wear placemats, rubber gloves, body paint, party streamers, napkins, and even CDs and DVDs. 

Lucrative Costume Ideas

Use Toilet Papers & Paper Clips

Use Toilet Papers & Paper Clips

If you want to go extra and are interested in taking a trip to a dollar store, you can create fashion out of paper clips and toilet paper. Wrap around the toilet paper, wear it like a mummy, or be creative and wear it as a wedding dress. 

You may need some base reinforcements like cardboard and caution tape when you plan on wearing paper clips. 

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Use Duct Tape

If you find caution tape and saran wrap very traditional clothes party ideas, why not wear duct tape? If duct tape can fix everything, well, you can wear it as a costume for the party! Wrap the tape around your body and for some tips, make sure you shaved so it would not be painful when you remove it. 

Use Condoms

Whether you decide to wrap your body with condoms, body paint, party streamers, or beer boxes, the night will surely be fun and exciting! Just make sure that it is not yet used when you wear condoms because that will be very unhygienic. The point is, you can decide whatever costume you like, have fun and be creative. 

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4. Provide A Beer & Wine Corner

Provide A Beer & Wine Corner

Well, the night will be boring without beer and wine. If you want an awesome college party, search for the best beer and strongest alcoholic drinks you can share with the group. Full meals may not be necessary, but beers? It is a must. 

The night will be long, so for some tips, prepare many drinks, so you don’t have to stand up and look for an open store to score some beers for the guys. If you want to prepare some virgin mocktails for the girls, that would be awesome. We’ve got the best gift ideas for 30-year old men here, too!


What is an ABC-themed party?

ABC-themed party means Anything But Clothes Parties which college students often look forward to. You have to be creative with your outfit because this party should not be boring and should never be one.  

Who goes to an ABC-themed party?

College students and fraternity members usually go to an ABC-themed party. They love to attend the party because of the laughter, creativity, and drinks. 

Final Thoughts 

Anything But Clothes party is one of the major events any college-goer looks forward to attending. Everyone has the opportunity to be creative and envelop their bodies with senseless and shocking outfits. 

Whether you cover your body with condoms or caution tapes, the party will surely be a spectacular one. In addition, the themed party can also be used in birthday celebrations and wedding showers. 

Any theme party ideas you would like us to cover? Let us know by commenting down below. 


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