6 Months Anniversary Gifts for Him & Her

6 Months Anniversary Gifts for Him & Her (Updated)

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You desire to pleasantly surprise your partner with a flawless gift for your six-month anniversary, as a way of expressing your feelings for them.

How hard can it be picking 6-month anniversary gifts? It’s easier said than done as there are a lot of items that you can buy as a gift.

Not to worry, we’re here to save your day as we’re giving you the perfect gift picks for your significant other.

7 Gift Choices for Your Boyfriend

Getting 6-month anniversary gifts is easier said than done. A single person can have multiple favorite things and wants when it comes to gifts.

We’ve gathered the best and most practical 6-month anniversary gifts that you can give to your boyfriend for a fruitful six-month anniversary.

1. Nike Air Force 1

Nike Air Force 1

You can never go wrong buying your boyfriend a pair of Nike’s for an anniversary gift.

Men always seek to elevate their style and look for when going outside. A pair of Nike Airforce 1 fits every style and look your boyfriend will wear.

It features an all-white flash color, stylish design, plush durability, and comfort built. It’s all-around footwear for any style your boyfriend wants to rock on.

Not to mention, its all-white colors make it fully customizable through the Nike by You program. You can create your own pair of Nike Airforce 1 and make it more personalized as a thoughtful gift for your six-month anniversary with your boyfriend.

2. Playstation IV

Let’s be honest.

The child inside of your boyfriend will last for life. It’ll last till the end of your relationship.

What better way to treat your boyfriend than getting him a Playstation as a gift for your anniversary?

A Playstation IV/V is the staple of every anniversary gift for the boyfriend.

It features these cool games that are widely known favorites among guys, such as:

  • NBA 2K
  • Call of Duty
  • God of War
  • Last of Us
  • Forza

Trust us! Once you buy your boyfriend a PS4, they will be grounded and ecstatic ALL THE TIME!

Ultimately, he’ll love and appreciate what may be the perfect gift that you gave him after six months of being together. Check out some Boston Red Sox gifts here

3. Premium Whisky Glasses & Stones Set

After a long day at work or just a simple date night, going for a cool glass of wine is the go-to of every sophisticated and classy man. 

Why not make the moment or relaxation even MORE memorable and enjoyable for your boyfriend by buying a complete whiskey set?

This engraved whiskey set has just what he needs for a long night at work:

  • Engraved whiskey glasses for him, and you
  • Complete with a serving tray and stirring spoon
  • Whiskey stones to keep your boyfriend’s drink cool and leave a powerful taste
  • Coasters with written whiskey quotes for a more enjoyable bar experience

Not to mention, the classy and chic box makes for an inspiring six-month anniversary gift-opening experience for your loved one.

Whiskey-lover or not, getting these whiskey stones and set is an excellent gift for your boyfriend for your 6 month anniversary.

4. Breville Coffee Maker Set

Breville Coffee Maker Set

Every morning isn’t complete without the love of your life and a great coffee machine to make an exquisite morning wake-up drink.

If your boyfriend is a coffee enthusiast and simply loves the smell of it, here’s your answer.

We’ve picked out Breville Grind Control because your boyfriend deserves only the best and top-quality machines.

It has several features that make it a standout expensive gift for your boyfriend:

  • Built-in grinder for fresher beans
  • Grind control feature to adjust coarseness of beans
  • Adjustable brew and temperature for the perfect drink

A freshly brewed coffee in bed with your hubby is a fantastic way to start the day.

5. Beer Making Set

Are you looking for a fabulous gift that’s classy and speaks “gentlemen“?

A beer-making kit is probably your go-to item.

Not only do you give your boyfriend his own home bar, but you’ll also let him spruce up the drinks for a tastier and more natural kind of beer for your anniversary.

We picked out Mr Beer Complete Starter Kit for your gift as it’s the most aesthetic and chic that fits right into your boyfriend’s taste.

It has several features that your boyfriend would like, such as:

  • Step-by-step guide in creating your first beer
  • Natural ingredients make your beer tastier and less contaminated
  • Every tool you need

Enjoy two glasses of tasty and brewed beer for you and your boyfriend on your 6 month anniversary.

6. Champion Pullover Hoodie

Gift ideas should not always be expensive, big, or of premium quality.

Most of the time, gifts should be simple, durable, and light on your wallet.

The Champion Pullover Hoodie is the BEST item that will fit in those characteristics. 

What guy cannot love a Champion hoodie? It’s Champion. What more can we say? You’ve already seen and experienced the quality of their shirts and hoodies.

Their designs are minimalistic and clean, giving your boyfriend that homey look inside and outside the house.

They last long and would make an excellent addition to your boyfriend’s wardrobe.

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7. Acrylic Minibox 

Anniversaries are a day to celebrate memories, challenges, moments, and love between a couple.

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Pictures speak ‘sentimental‘ louder than any other gift.

Putting a picture of you and your boo inside a picture frame would be enough for your boyfriend on a special occasion.

It’s memorable, easy to stand, and speaks wonders about how you guys are in the relationship.

You can amplify the personalization and thoughtfulness with the picture inside an Acrylic [1] Miniblox.

It’s the perfect and most romantic way to celebrate your 6 month anniversary by showing him off to the world.

7 Gifts Choices for Your Girlfriend on Your 6 Month Anniversary

When it comes to women, the gift choices are not so different compared to men-plenty of options but still hard to find.

This is why we’ve listed down women’s favorite 6-month anniversary gifts for you to make her feel special.

1. 5 Foot Teddy Bear

5 Foot Teddy Bear

Your girlfriend will always need to be loved, cared for, and spoiled by you and you only.

Showing huge amounts of love and attention to your girlfriend can already make their day-even better, their week.

Nothing says I LOVE YOU other than a 5 FOOT Teddy bear.

It’s soft, cuddly, and fuzzy, enough to give your girlfriend the hugs and coziness you provide when together.

The teddy bear can also act as your mirror image.

How so? He’s there to keep your girlfriend company and warm whenever you’re outside or in an important commitment.

Just like yourself, a teddy bear is a perfect size and complete package of love, warmth, and care for your girlfriend’s 6-month anniversary gift. You can also spice things up by sending this gift anonymously!

2. Preserved Rose

A girl should ALWAYS feel beautiful and loved; enough said.

A simple flower is a great way to tell that to your girlfriend if you’re short on words.

Better yet, make it a preserved flower.

It may be simple, but the fact that the flower can last a VERY long time opens up a couple of cheesy lines when giving this as your 6-month anniversary gift to your girlfriend.

You made her laugh and feel pretty that will last for a lifetime. Call it a WIN-WIN scenario! 

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3. Love Necklace

Love Necklace

Sometimes, a single “I love you” isn’t enough for you to say to your girlfriend.

You always need more to show your love and care for her.

Well, you’re in luck because we have a great gift just for you.

A love necklace is a simple and elegant item with a sweet surprise at the core.

What’s in a Love necklace? A whole lot of love, of course. BUT it says “I Love You” in 100 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES.

Why say “I love you” once when you can say it in 99 different languages? You may also opt to save this as a 1-year anniversary gift instead. 

4. Customized Journal

If your girlfriend is the type to jot down notes or keep things organized in her daily life, then making a customized journal will do wonders.

Of course, you’re looking to make the journal cute and appealing for your girlfriend.

However, if you don’t have the creative juices for the journal, don’t worry because your girlfriend will still love you.

The important thing here is that you made her something customized and coming from your hard work and effort.

The journal is not only to remind her to take down notes, but it’s to remind her, as well, that you really love her.

5. Reel Viewer

Every day, you’d always want to relive and revisit the memories with your girlfriend, even if it just happened recently.

You try your hardest to picture it in your mind and feel the emotions and ecstatic you felt that day, but in the end, to no avail.

Well, lucky for you, you can relive it again with a reel viewer, particularly the Uncommon Goods Create Your Own Reel Viewer.

Pick and snap your favorite moments and assemble them within the reel viewer to relive good memories, bring back nostalgia, and immortalize the memorable moments together.

When you both grow old, the reel viewer will be invaluable for both you and your girlfriend. But should you give your crush a gift on Valentine’s day

6. Music Box

Music Boxes are probably one of the most classic, amazing, and romantic accessories you can give to anyone-especially to your girlfriend.

It’s in a cute and small box that carries a powerful message of love and affection towards your girlfriend.

With a simple crank, your girlfriend can play the music box and hear the message reverting throughout her room.

The best part about music boxes? Their songs and casings are fully customizable.

Gift your special lady with your UNIQUE song and message engraved in the cute and tiny little box for added love and wooing. 

7. Spa Treatment

Spa Treatment

No, we’re not talking about an expensive spa treatment.

Instead, give her a spa-like treatment in your own home. Why not replicate the experience for your lady with a spa bath gift set?

Make your princess feel like a queen with a complete set for a spa bath that includes:

  • Candle
  • Bath Bombs
  • Shampoo
  • Bath Salts
  • Lotion
  • Essential Oils

This gift is perfect because she can use it WHENEVER SHE WANTS! It’s an everyday spa day for your special someone.

After a relaxing stay in the tub, she’ll be refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to love you again for your anniversary day.

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Non-materialistic Gifts for a Couple

6-month anniversary gifts sometimes don’t come in the form of worldly materials and objects.

Most of the time, it’s just budget-friendly dates and having fun with each other anywhere in the world.

If you two are looking to celebrate your anniversary differently, then here are some ideas you should try out:

Dinner for Two

Dinner date

Allow us to be your maître d’ for the evening.

Kidding aside, the most crucial aspect of nurturing a relationship is an intimate, private, and budget-friendly dinner.

You can achieve those when you cook delicious meals, have wine together, and hang out by the house balcony for a romantic evening night.

You’d be surprised how your home-cooked meals, quality wine, and some privacy are more romantic than going outside.

Oh, and don’t forget to set up the mood in your room with some amazing candles and roses.

Trust us. It’s a night you both won’t forget.

We’ll just be on the side watching you lovebirds express your love to one another.


Outside Adventure

Another solid gift idea is a fantastic and fun alternative for your 6 month anniversary.

You can spend time together, do a few things here and there, or watch some movies while drinking wine in your room.

There’s no limit to what you can do.

It’s just you and your boyfriend, celebrating and having fun for your 6-month anniversary.

Some ideas for a great adventure are:

  • Go on a romantic cruise
  • Go out of the country and travel the world
  • Stop by in arcade for a game or two with your boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Go scuba diving into deep waters
  • Go for a very long road trip

There are TONS of ideas that you and your boyfriend can check out of your bucket list in a day.

Ultimately, it’s a final verdict between you and your girlfriend on what will be your plans for your 6-month anniversary.

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The Important Thing Is Quality and From the Heart

6-month anniversary gifts can vary from materialistic objects like gold gifts to casually bonding alone in a private room.

6-month anniversary gifts don’t need to be grand or expensive.

If you’re looking to get a gift, it’s crucial that what you give SHOULD come from the heart.

The effort, hard work, and commitment in getting that gift is 10x more admirable and will be more worthy than any other 6-month anniversary gift.

If you’re looking for quality time together, you can treat each other with something nice that you both like.

You can also play a game or two in the arcade and have fun with your significant other.

If you want some intimacy, sometimes watching Netflix while having two glasses of wine for the night does the trick.


We like to know your story!

How did you celebrate your 6-month anniversary with your loved one?

What did the two of you decide together?

Did you go out and have a blast on a road trip adventure? Or did you spend your time indoors, enjoying each other’s warmth and company while looking at the stars?

Did you buy each other gifts? What type of 6-month anniversary gifts did you get for your special someone?

Share your story below in the comments and spread the love and show of affection with everyone!


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