7 Best 40th Birthday Cake Ideas (Updated)

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The commonly accepted phrase “life begins at 40” suggests that, at this particular age, one’s life improves and becomes more fulfilling with the acquisition of new abilities and perspectives.

Grace the center table with an awesome birthday cake for your 40th birthday celebration with the best 40th birthday cake ideas we have gathered.

7 Cake Ideas For 40th Birthday Celebrations 

7 Cake Ideas For 40th Birthday Celebrations

1. Personalize Using Edible Printed Funny Pictures

Do you want your family and friends to make fun of the birthday celebrant? First on the list is the personalized cake with edible printed funny pictures. With the help of technology, you can now print an edible funny image of the birthday celebrant and place it on the top of the birthday cake. 

The edible printed topper is personalized and can be safely eaten so people can enjoy the cakes and have fun as they celebrate their 40th birthday. Search the internet or ask around for a bakeshop that offers this kind of design for more information. 

2. Surprise The Birthday Celebrant With A Money Cake

Money cake

Love surprises? Why not surprise the birthday celebrant with balloons and a money cake? The cake with money inside can be an awesome gift for your mom or wife, friends, and family. 

Since money is a great present you can give, one of the cake ideas you can try is the money-pulling cake. It is a unique, special, and very personalized 40th birthday cake. 

3. Put a Funny or Sweet Message on the Cake

A 40th birthday celebration will be more special with funny or sweet messages. Dedication cakes can be common but never out of style, so you can choose this type of cake if you want to have a simple 40th birthday cake. 

If you are planning to get a store-bought cake, you can include in the order information the funny or sweet messages you would like to put on the top of the cake. Choose a readable font design and have an image upload to make it sentimental. Don’t forget the candles! 

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4. Use a Shaped Cake Showing the Numbers 4 & 0

40th cake

Numbers 4 and 0 as candles are the most common way to let people know that you are celebrating your 40th year in existence. 

If you want a simple 40th birthday cake, you can try the customized birthday cake shaped in numbers 4 and 0. Traditional cakes are limited in shape and flavor, but since some local bakeshops offer customized cakes, you can find cakes in the shape of numbers.

5. Use The Birthday Celebrant’s Favorite Flavor

When you order or make a 40th birthday cake, you must consider the celebrant’s favorite flavor aside from the design. Cakes are meant to be eaten, and it would be more enjoyable for the celebrant to eat the cakes if you manage to remember this type of information. The same goes if you want to prepare cakes for graduation or any other celebration, for that matter. 

6. Personally Bake & Decorate The Cake

Personally Bake & Decorate The Cake

Baking is an act of love and can be a way to communicate your feelings [1]. To make the 40th birthday celebration more special and memorable, you can personally bake and decorate the cake.

If you are an expert baker, things will be easier because you can bake smoothly and in order. However, if it is your first time and you want to make someone’s birthday cake personally, you can find tutorial videos on the internet. Experts upload videos and even reply to newbie bakers. 

7. Use Birthday Cake Toppers & Cake Pops

For some reason, people may don’t have enough time to bake cakes or order customized cakes. Don’t worry because one of the go-to birthday cakes ideas we recommend is the toppers and pops readily available on the market. 

Aside from toppers and pops, you can buy some balloons and other decorations that complement the theme of the party. But how do you transport cake pops?


How do you decorate a 40th birthday cake?

To decorate a 40th birthday cake, you will need your preferred toppings and tools. Decide what color or theme you would like to do for the cake. Then decorate it with your choice of toppings. Top it off with birthday toppers, draw some balloons and add some candles.

Why is a 40th birthday important?

The 40th birthday is important because it marks a big milestone entering mid-adulthood. You have learned from your experiences and will enter a new development stage. The milestone is worth celebrating because you have successfully overcome challenges and remain strong enough for more. 

Life Begins At Forty, So Rock On!

Being forty is a milestone that needs to be celebrated with balloons, delicious meals, and a special cake. It would be nice to mark your great 40 years with a special and unique birthday cake! 

The cake is the highlight of any celebration. And if you are to celebrate your 40th birthday, wouldn’t it be nice to blow candles on top of an awesome and unique cake? 

Do you have your favorite 40th birthday cake ideas? Reply to us in the comment box because we love to hear from you! 


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