30th Birthday Presents for Her

30th Birthday Presents for Her (Updated)

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Are you searching for the perfect gift for a dear friend, significant other, or relative who is about to turn 30? This task can be challenging.

Why? Because she’s about to welcome and celebrate a new decade in her life!

Don’t worry though. If you’re not the best browser of gift choices, we’re here to help you. Allow us to show you some of the best 30th birthday gift ideas for her!

Top 20 Gift Ideas For Her 30th Birthday

Let me kick off my selection of gift giving ideas with some fun options. These are wonderful 30th birthday gift choices that can cater to her sense of humor, even her hobbies!

Funny T-Shirts for Her Wonderful Sense of Humor

If the 30th birthday celebrant is a close friend, there’s nothing wrong with poking a bit of fun at her. She’ll end up smiling, probably cackling, once she sees some of these comedic t-shirts.

1. “So Happy I’m Thirty”

What’s a great way to make her laugh? Give her a shirt advertising her age! If she has a sarcastic sense of humor, she’ll definitely wear this funny shirt!

There are other colors available, so finding one to her liking won’t be a problem. You can also pair this small gift with something additional, put them in a nice box, and give her the perfect present!

The two of you can share a laugh as soon as she opens it!

2. “Straight Outta My Twenties”

As we said, sarcastically advertising her age is a good way to make the birthday girl crack a smile. For a mix of some old school and fun, this “Straight Outta My Twenties” shirt will surely get a laugh out of her!

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3. If She’s Into Art: An Alfresco Painting Class

Painting Class

Is art a hobby of hers?

If so, why not take her out for an outdoor painting class? Pair it with some fine wine and good food, then she’ll surely have a 30th birthday to remember!

What makes it even better is she gets to work with a professional artist on-site.

Before she knows it, she’ll have created her very own personal masterpiece! You get to share an experience together with her as well!  

4. For the Foodie: A Sushi-Making Course

Is she an avid fan of delicious food? If that’s the case, she might love learning how to make some delectable morsels herself!

Making the perfect sushi is an art form in itself. The whole experience of learning from a professional chef on-site and cooking her own sushi will be a great gift for her 30th birthday!

If you think this is the perfect present to celebrate and welcome her new decade in life, you can give this sushi class a look! This gift will easily beat any party! Learn how to say your birthday greeting in Hawaiian here

A Great Gift Idea: Something Useful

As for great 30th birthday gift ideas, let’s jump into some things she would surely appreciate. You can never go wrong by giving her something that she can use to help with her day-to-day life! 

If She Loves Physical Activity: A Practical Water Bottle

Is she a gym junkie or just loves being active? We guarantee you she’ll appreciate something as simple and practical as a water bottle!

In fact, she doesn’t even have to be a gym junkie to love it. Why?

She can also use it when she’s on-the go! She can carry this thing anywhere, even if she’s travelling, commuting, at the office, or just at home!

We’ll present to you a pair of options. You can always go plain and straightforward or you can get her something stylish and colorful!

5. Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle

This sports water bottle by Iron Flask screams function and simplicity. You have various options available too.

There are different sizes and color options you can choose from. She’ll also have her drink on hand and at a temperature she fancies every time!

6. S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle

This stainless steel bottle by S’well comes in beautiful and feminine designs. If you want to give her something that perfectly mixes function and style, then this container should be your choice!

If she brings it along with her to the gym, it will be difficult to lose too. Nobody will mistake this unique-looking bottle as their own!

For Coffee Lovers: Some Handy Coffee Machines

She’ll surely love a gift that will help brighten up her mornings. These machines will be the perfect 30th birthday gift for her, especially if she looks forward to her daily caffeine fix!

Again, we’ll show you two attractive options. You can either get her something retro or give her something cute and miniature to prepare her solo cups of joe!

7. SMEG 1950’s Retro Style Coffee Maker

Its name speaks for itself. This coffee machine by SMEG not only makes brewing drip coffee easy, but it also adds a nice touch of the 50’s aesthetic to the kitchen!

8. Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker

The K-Mini Plus by Keurig is a little coffee maker that will make her mornings better and add a little cheer to her kitchen!

You can choose from 6 colors and serve various-sized cups of joe with it. It also doesn’t occupy much space, is cute, and it can easily fix her a quick cup of joe for her daily caffeine boost!

Don’t forget to get a box of K-pods that go along with it though. Then she can give the machine a spin as soon as she gets it! It’s a cool gift for women in their 30s!

9. If Coffee Isn’t Her Thing: A Kettle for Tea

This fun and stylish Stagg pour-over kettle by Fellow would make a wonderful birthday gift for anybody celebrating their 30th.

If she’s not into coffee, maybe give her something that can help her end the day with a relaxing cup of tea!

Its price is pretty high, but it’s a wonderful appliance to gift anybody if you have the budget. If the fun pink design doesn’t seem to match the celebrant, there are various colors and finishes available too!

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10. To Help Clean the House: A Robot Vacuum

A Robot Vacuum

How can you make her 30th birthday even better? By giving her a gift that will take a load off of her shoulders!

Having your own place means a lot of cleaning. The DEEBOT 500 by Ecovacs will do all that work for her!

She can easily control it via a smartphone app and just watch it go about silently cleaning her house. This will free up so much time for her to enjoy the weekends!

11. If She Loves Wine: Her Own Wine Decanter

Is the birthday girl the type to appreciate some fine wine? If so, one of the top 30th birthday gifts would be something that allows her to enjoy it!

This wine decanter carafe by Godinger would make the best present for a wine lover celebrating a new decade in her life. It’s affordable, handcrafted, and makes wine so much more delicious!

Not only will she enjoy wine she loves, but having a decanter will also make for better dinner parties! It’s a thoughtful birthday gift for your female friend!

12. For a Woman Who Loves to Cook: A Cast-Iron Skillet

If she loves doing some good old-fashioned home cooking, a cast-iron skillet will make the ideal 30th birthday gift. This pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet by Lodge should do the trick!

Why a cast-iron skillet though?

Simply put, it’s extremely versatile and affordable! She can use it for stovetop cooking, for baking, and it costs less than a Dutch oven!

It comes in different sizes so make sure to pick one she can use. A 10.25-inch to 12-inch skillet will do for most cooking. What makes a skillet so great is it lasts for a long time too!

13. For Her Home Office: A Stylish Desk

Does she work from home, but she’s in need of her own workspace? If that’s the case, this Camila Desk by CosmoLiving would be the ideal 30th birthday gift for her!

It’s stylish and has spacious drawers to store anything she uses for work. She no longer needs to work in bed or make do with whatever space is available. This provides the perfect place for her to get stuff done!

14. If She Likes Candles at Home: A Birthdate Candle

It might not seem like the most thoughtful present, but it counts if she’s the type to regularly light a candle at home. Some women just love having scented candles around the house!

This birthdate candle lets you select a candle specifically for your friend or significant other’s birthday. To be exact, you can choose both the month and day!

It even features unique and curated scents to match each recipient’s birthdate.

The candle label also provides her with tarot, astrology, and numerology descriptions that will give her an understanding of her personality!

The Perfect Gift Idea: Something to Make Her Feel Special

If the above 30th birthday gift ideas don’t work for you, maybe these will. Here are some options that will never fail to make her special day even better!

Beautiful Jewelry She Would Love

It doesn’t matter if it’s gold or silver, any woman would love being given a birthday box containing jewelry. If you want to play it safe, jewelry is the way to go. Here are three beautiful options.

15. Alphabet Gold Initial Pendant Necklace

Initial Pendant Necklace

With “one in a million” engraved on the back, this gold necklace by Kate Spade will surely make her day. We guarantee you she’ll happily wear this while proudly advertising how special she is to you!

What makes it even better is you can have her initials engraved to show it’s hers! If gold gifts aren’t her thing though, maybe the next option would be a better choice for her.

16. Double Link Pendant

Here’s a simple piece of jewelry by Ice Carats. This elegant sterling silver [1] double link pendant in their line will surely make a special gift!

If you want to give her something that exudes beauty and simplicity on her 30th, then this is your choice! You can also send it secretly if you want!

17. Personalized Birthstone Bracelet

This personalized birthstone bracelet is guaranteed to be one of the best 30th birthday gift ideas since it matches the occasion so well.

Coming in silver, gold, or rose gold, you have many choices. It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry that offers customization of both the birthstone and engraved initial to match whoever’s celebrating their special day! We think it’s an amazing gift for her 18th birthday, too!

A Bag to Match Her Outfit

Women love having a bag they can easily pair with what they wear. Here are two examples that will make a great 30th birthday gift for your special person! 

18. Multicolor Handbag

Multicolor Handbag

This multicolor handbag will pleasantly surprise any woman celebrating her 30th. This chic handbag will make a great addition to her outfit selection too!

It even matches well with her 30th birthday because of its refined and youthful design! Mix that with function and you’ll have one of the best 30th birthday gift ideas ever!

19. The Transport Tote Bag

If she’s the type that appreciates function, find her a bag that mixes it well with style. A stylish and spacious tote bag should do the trick! It’s essential for women everywhere!


20. An Intimate Celebration With Friends

This may seem cheesy, but there’s nothing better than celebrating a special day with your closest friends. Why not take her out to a nice private dining experience for six at a Michelin Star restaurant in a five-star hotel? You can also celebrate outdoors with these tent decorating ideas

Out of all the possible 30th birthday gifts to give her, this may be the best. You get to feast on great food and be treated to wonderful service.

What makes it perfect is she can experience it with her inner circle! That beats any old birthday party, right?

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Have an Idea of What You’re Getting Her?

We’re sure you are! We covered as much as we could on my list.

From something that can cater to her sense of humor, hobbies, help in her day-to-day life, or simply make her feel loved on her special day, we know you’ll choose the right one. We hope my list helped you!


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