Best 19th Birthday Ideas

15 Best 19th Birthday Ideas To Try (Updated)

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If you’re becoming 19 this year, how about switching up the traditional birthday party for something a little more unique on your 19th birthday? Think about creating a thrilling event to make your special day truly memorable.

Our team spent 13 hours curating 19th birthday ideas you can try on your birthday bash!

Top 15 Exciting Ideas For Your 19th Birthday 

15 Exciting Ideas For Your 19th Birthday 

1. Birthday Dinner With Besties

A 19th birthday party may feel like you are starting to bury your teenage years because it is the time when you are more interested in adult than teen stuff. So to make the special day memorable, having a birthday dinner with besties can be a perfect idea. 

Gather around your close friends and set up a fancy dinner at home or in your favorite restaurant. Celebrating birthdays with your friends is simple yet very memorable.

2. Game Night

Game Night

If you are turning 19, a game night can be ideal for commemorating your 19th birthday. Boys would love the idea of a game night on your 19th birthday, so make sure to prepare your Playstation and your favorite snacks. 

In addition, the occasion calls for a celebration, so if you plan to host the party at home, make sure to tidy up your room, decorate a little and make the venue comfortable for your guests. 

3. Movie Night

Movie night is one of the exciting 19th birthday ideas you can try at your birthday party. Invite your good friends over to your house or buy some movie tickets and have fun at the cinema. 

Whether you are doing it at home or in the cinema, don’t forget to grab some popcorn and soda as it will be a nice treat for your guests while watching movies. But what’s a luxurious 21st birthday gift for a girl?

4. Star Gazing Party

Star Gazing Party

Star Gazing Party is possibly one of the most unique and fun ways to celebrate your 19th birthday party. You can set a road trip with your friends and family then set up a stargazing party at night. 

It would be fun to have a telescope at this party, but if you are on a tight budget, you can just set up comfortable beddings at the back of your truck and watch the stars at night. 

5. Photo Shoot

Every year is not the same, so at your 19th birthday party, you can never go wrong with a photoshoot as your birthday commemoration. In addition, you can also ask your family and friends to join your photoshoot on your special day. 

Make sure to choose the perfect theme for your photoshoot because it will help you narrow down the props and styles you prefer on the pictures. Get fun and creative with your photoshoot; Try on the beach theme, concert theme, bed or sleepover theme, or even a murder mystery party theme!  

6. Truth or Dare Party

Truth or Dare Party

At your 19th birthday party, why not throw a party with a theme of truth or dare? You can go over the internet for the best ideas on truth or dare. Plus, it would be nice to hold the party at the side of a bonfire or by the beach where you can hear waves lashing the coast and palm trees whooshing. 

7. Pool Party

Pool party on your 19th birthday? Why not! Enjoy the moment and have fun with your guests, as this event is an exciting way to celebrate your 19th birthday. Make sure to decorate the pool with neon lights, and don’t forget to set up the food table and serve some party favors and, of course, drinks! But how do you make a DIY foam machine for your party?

8. Slumber Party

Slumber Party

A slumber party is a nice birthday party celebration for females turning 19 because it will help you keep the party going even till dawn! While sleepovers are common for teenagers, you can make the party more exciting by preparing games, food, and drinks. 

Moreso, you can also make some DIY masks for self-care and try them on at your slumber party with female friends. 

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9. Disco Night

Traditional birthday parties are overrated, so on your 19th birthday party, you deserve a blast, so try out the disco night! If you want to spend the night partying with friends, hire a DJ that will play awesome music for the rest of the night. 

In addition, you can ask them to play some Mexican music or other popular tracks from your favorite artist to get the party started. Also, decorate the venue with a big disco ball and a red carpet to make it more elegant. 

10. Karaoke Party

Karaoke Party

On your 19th birthday, one of the awesome party ideas you can try is the Karaoke party! Music has no age limit, so if you want to spend your 19th birthday with your family and friends, you can rent a karaoke machine and sing your heart out! 

At karaoke parties, you can sing, eat, laugh and enjoy! Asians’ love for karaoke has reached different nationalities, and this weird obsession [1] can be a fun way to celebrate your birthday.

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11. Card Games Party

Birthday celebrations do not need to be expensive, so on your 19th birthday, you can spend the night plain and simple with card games. There are different game cards on amazon that you can buy and use at your birthday party. 

You can also hold a drinking game (mocktails only) with the card games, and that would be very thrilling! Do it at home, by the beach or at a campsite. 

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12. Spa-Themed Party

Spa-Themed Party

Spa day on your 19th birthday? That’s gorgeous and relaxing! Spend time alone or with your special friend at a spa-themed party! Pay a visit to the nearest spa salon and relax on your 19th birthday. 

In addition, you can also ask if they do home services if you prefer to do it at home and with other friends. 

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13. Chocolate Party

We all have a phase in our lives where we all love chocolates, so a chocolate party is a good idea if you’re at it. Head over to the chocolate store and buy chocolates for the party. 

You can serve chocolate foods on your birthday like hot chocolate, chocolate birthday cake, and chocolate finger foods; a chocolate fountain would be great too! 

14. Fondue Party

Fondue Party

Is a unique celebration part of your bucket list? Tick the box of your bucket list with the fondue party! Fondue is an amazing meal where every food is covered in nice gooey cheese [2]. 

It may be an unusual party theme, but fondue parties are a unique way to celebrate the last year as a teenager. 

15. Bonfire Party

Birthdays with a bonfire can be a nice idea on your 19th birthday, especially if you love spending time outdoors and camping. After a road trip, look for a beautiful spot where you can set up a tent, go camping, and have a bonfire.

In addition, treat yourself and your family to nice campfire foods like the classic smores. 


What is special about a 19th birthday?

A 19th birthday party is special because it is the last year of your life as a teenager and it should be celebrated with a cake, gifts and an awesome party idea. In addition, a 19th birthday can be easier to throw because you have a little freedom as you will enter adulthood.

What should I caption for my 19th birthday?

“It took 19 years to get this awesome” can be a nice caption on your 19th birthday. Also, if you want to look cool, try “old enough to know better, but still young enough to get away with it” as your caption on your 19th birthday.

Time To Celebrate! 

Your last year as a teenager should start with a blast, so skip the boring parties and have it your way with our 19th birthday ideas! There are tons of ways to make your party exciting and memorable, so make sure to check out our ideas and try them out. 

Have fun, be creative, and enjoy your 19th birthday party. Happy birthday! 


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