100 Things To Do On Your 18th Birthday 

100 Things to Do on Your 18th Birthday (Updated)

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Planning a lively and memorable 18th birthday party can be quite challenging. Although a few people may believe you’re not elderly enough to celebrate in a bar, we’re convinced that you’d prefer to avoid any monotonous gatherings.

Skip traditional birthday parties and celebrate your birthday with a bang with these 100 things to do on your 18th birthday!  

100 Exciting Things To Do On Your 18th Birthday 

100 Exciting Things To Do On Your 18th Birthday 

  1. Visit your dream country and live like a local.
  2. Create a vision board of what you are five years from now.
  3. Set a budget and shop at the thrift store.
  4. Organize a picnic party by the park and ask your friends to join.
  5. Go on a joy ride with friends or someone special. 
  6. Feed pigeons and enjoy nature.
  7. Get an exotic animal and have it as a pet (make sure it is not venomous).
  8. Assemble something with the use of lego blocks.
  9. Visit a museum or historical site.
  10. Watch a concert all by yourself. 
  11. Sign up for a dance class or music lesson.
  12. Try friendly speed dating for fun.
  13. Take the subway and go to random places.
  14. Try and solve a locked-out mystery room.
  15. Visit a zoo near your place.
  16. Test drive your dream car.
  17. Rent a helicopter and go to your dream destination.
  18. Get yourself a nice signature watch as a present. 
  19. Attend a comedy show.
  20. Go on a hike even if it’s winter season.
  21. Go extreme and do paragliding or skydiving. 
  22. Go to a theme park with your friends and ride a roller coaster. 
  23. Try horseback riding.
  24. Have fun and go bungee jumping.
  25. Want to go bold? Try skinny dipping but make sure it’s legal. 
  26. Create tie-dye shirts for yourself.
  27. Host a potluck with friends.
  28. Organize a zoom drinking session with your friends outside the town.
  29. Make macrame or dream catchers.
  30. Watch crime movies on Netflix while eating Doritos.
  31. Visit a souvenir shop or gift shop.
  32. Play a sport you never tried.
  33. Watch a live MMA fight.
  34. Eat at a fine dining restaurant and enjoy a sumptuous meal.
  35. Try traveling on a cruise ship for a week.
  36. Go to Disneyland and take a photo with Mickey Mouse.
  37. Have a spa day and pamper yourself for a day.
  38. Try to eat a whole box of pizza.
  39. Visit a water park with your friends.
  40. Spend a night at the beach with friends and create a bonfire.
  41. Try extreme water sports like scuba diving or wakeboarding.
  42. Visit an active volcano, but ensure you are guided to avoid untoward incidents. 
  43. Do fun mountain sports.
  44. Go to Las Vegas and watch the Mirage volcano erupt.
  45. Try a drive-in movie party.
  46. Organize a donation drive.
  47. Visit Thailand and bathe an elephant.
  48. Get a tattoo or piercing; it could be a tiny or big one, your choice. 
  49. Try bar-hopping and get wasted because it’s your birthday!
  50. Kiss 18 random strangers. Should it be of the same sex or opposite sex? Your choice! 
  51. Hire a limo for a day and roam around the city.
  52. Go on a day trip to the forest and feel nature. 
  53. Go glamping or camping with your family.
  54. Go on a ghost hunt with a new friend.
  55. Meet random people from Tinder or other dating sites.
  56. Ride a hot air balloon.
  57. Book a private capsule in the London Eye.
  58. Arrange a date for two in Eiffel Tower.
  59. Go to a casino and play alongside the crowd. 
  60. Go rock climbing or mountain climbing. 
  61. See a football match and bet $100 on one team.
  62. Book a room or spend a night in the most expensive hotel in your state.
  63. Set up an 18th birthday photoshoot or hire a photographer who can help you with that.
  64. Recreate your childhood photos with your siblings and parents.
  65. Go on a complete makeover (Yes, head to toe!). 
  66. Enroll in a music class or learn a new musical instrument.
  67. Bake your birthday cake with cupcakes.
  68. Learn and make 100 pcs of origami.
  69. Make handwritten letters for your friends and family.
  70. Adopt a pet from a shelter. It could be a dog or a cat, you choose.
  71. Listen to a podcast or attend a Ted Talk to get motivated.
  72. Eat breakfast for dinner or have dinner for breakfast, your bet. 
  73. Visit a home for the aged and spend a day with the elders.
  74. Unplug your devices and take a toll on your mental health.
  75. Start journaling or write a bucket list you want to try for the whole year-round. 
  76. Enroll in a yoga class or listen to a meditation video to clear your mind for a day. 
  77. Remodel your room or paint it with your preferred shade for a change. 
  78. Set up a blanket, then do stargazing by yourself or with someone. It would be best if you do it in the back of your truck or out of your house.
  79. Say YES for a day and see where it will bring you.
  80. Hunt down 18 restaurants that offer free meals and claim them. You can either consume it or donate it if it’s too much to handle. 
  81. Enroll in a language class and learn a new language like Spanish, Italian, Russian, or Chinese [1].
  82. Visit an organization for kids with cancer and spend a day with them. Prepare games toys and wear a cute costume.
  83. Do a cosplay of your favorite anime character, then go to the grocery to buy random stuff.  
  84. Be a tourist in your hometown and visit tourist spots. Blend in with the tourists and pretend you don’t know the area to make it more fun.
  85. Go to a botanical garden and buy some new plants and be a plant parent.
  86. Wear a shirt that reads “It’s my 18th birthday” and roam around the city.
  87. Please write a letter for your future self, then bury it in the ground. Create a reminder to dig it in after five years. 
  88. Spend a night in a haunted house; you can ask a friend to join you or you can do it alone. 
  89. Binge-watch your favorite movie series under the blanket. 
  90. Get a psychic reading through tarot cards or by the palm of your hand. 
  91. If you want a little adventure, try a water rafting adventure.
  92. Enjoy your favorite meal alone, with loved ones or friends.
  93. Think of your mantra for the year: Love? Focus? Thrive?
  94. Reread your favorite book, especially if you are an introvert who loves spending time alone [2]. 
  95. Avoid your least favorite chores so your mood will not be ruined on your birthday.
  96. Try the recipe you always wanted to try but don’t have enough time to do.
  97. Ride a bicycle and go to places you hardly visit. 
  98. Become an organ donor and donate blood to help save a person. 
  99. Choose a themed party; pajama, pizza, pool, or costume party.
  100. End your day by watching a beautiful sunset.

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Final Thoughts 

Every year, people celebrate their birthdays most traditionally. To break the chain and have a blast, spoil yourself on your birthday by doing something you don’t normally do.

Random things are fun to do, especially now that you are of legal age, so make sure to have fun but be responsible. 

What have you tried in the 100 things to do? Let us know by commenting down below! 


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