1 Month Anniversary Gifts For Him & Her

1 Month Anniversary Gifts For Him & Her

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Even though it may not seem important, commemorating a one-month anniversary holds value. After all, new love is truly priceless!

Some couples may mark this special day with a slightly fancier date than usual. Other couples may celebrate their one-month anniversary with simple gifts.

If that sounds like you and your partner, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve got 16 ideas, spanning all manner of things, for great one-month anniversary gifts!

15 Gifts for Your First Monthsary


When it comes to one-month anniversary gifts, you can’t go wrong with food.

One romantic alternative to a traditional dinner date is surprising your partner with a home-cooked meal.

But if you’re not that confident in your cooking skills—or maybe want to save that for further down the road—here are some extra-delicious gift ideas your partner will love.

1. Barnett’s Chocolate Cookies Gift Basket

Barnett’s Chocolate Cookies Gift Basket

If your partner has a sweet tooth, they’ll love these unique cookie creations from Barnett’s!

With 12 chocolate-dipped cookies, each decorated with a different sweet topping, this gift box is truly a feast for the tongue and the eyes. Pair these with cups of hot coffee for a truly sweet date! You may even send this present secretly through various ways!

2. Urban Accents Popcorn Variety Pack

With 5 different flavors of seasoning and 3 different varieties of popcorn kernels, this Urban Accents popcorn set has something to suit every taste.

If you and your partner like to watch movies together, then this gift will be a welcome—and tasty—addition to date night!

Utility Gifts

In our opinion, the best gift is something that’s both personal and practical—and it doesn’t hurt if it’s cute, too. 

If you give your partner a gift they can use often, they’ll think of you whenever they do. And we guarantee they’ll appreciate you all the more for it! 

3. 10L0L Golf Pens With Golf Bag Pen Holder

If your partner is a bonafide golf enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates cute office supplies—or hey, maybe even both—this is a great gift!

Whether or not your partner actually plays, these golf pens in their golf bag pen holder are a surefire way to jazz up their desk or workspace.

Plus, they’re a fun way to de-stress in the middle of the work week!

Mini-golf, anyone?

4. Toirxarn Handmade Wooden Bookmark Set

If your partner has a bookish side, you may have a hard time surprising them with the perfect book—or even just one they haven’t read yet. Trust us, we know.

Instead, why not give them these gorgeous handmade wooden bookmarks?

It contains 9 different beautifully carved designs and an elegant gift box, so these will make a perfect gift for your beloved bookworm!

But what does it mean if you don’t get an anniversary gift from your husband?

5. Moonster Leather Journal And Pen Set 

Moonster Leather Journal And Pen Set

If your partner’s a creative person, this Moonster journal is a great gift idea!

With 240 pages of thick, unlined cotton paper and a sleek silver pen inside, this classy leather-bound notebook can handle it all—writing, drawing, journaling.

It’s the perfect gift for your partner to express their artistic side.

6. Apollo Walker Picnic Backpack

If an outdoor date—say, a picnic at the park or on the beach—sounds like peak romance, then this Apollo Walker Picnic Backpack will be a welcome gift.

It’s big enough to hold A LOT of food, and it comes with everything you need for a picnic such as:

  • Plates
  • Cutlery
  • Napkins
  • Plastic wine glasses

Best of all, it has side straps to hold a picnic blanket and a wine bottle.

With all your picnic essentials tucked safely into this backpack, you and your partner can feel the love tonight in the great outdoors!

7. HerFave Acrylic Jewelry Box

If your special woman has a taste for finer things, she’ll love this elegant jewelry box!

With 3 drawers and 11 compartments, there’s plenty of space for her jewelry and watches.

Plus, the clear acrylic and neutral-colored velvet lining give it a sleek and classy look—the perfect centerpiece on any dressing table.

Romantic Gifts

Maybe you’re something of a traditionalist when it comes to romance.

Maybe when you think “anniversary gifts,” you think flowers, chocolates, teddy bears—perhaps even a Hello Kitty-themed item or two.

If that sounds like you, check out the one-month anniversary gift ideas in this section. Your partner will be delighted with any of these traditional romantic gifts—with a twist!

8. Light Autumn “Shawty You Fine” Sloth Bear

Yeah, teddy bears are cute and all—but what about a cuddly stuffed sloth?

The Light Autumn “Shawty You Fine” Sloth Bear is a quirky take on a classic gift. It’s ultra-soft and huggable, with premium stitching meant to last.

Plus, the message on the heart is funny and sweet all in one! It’s the perfect way to casually tell your special person how much they mean to you.

9. CUTEPOPUP Anniversary Card

CUTEPOPUP Anniversary Card

If you’re looking for a card to give on your one-month anniversary, look no further than this one!

The CUTEPOPUP Anniversary Card comes in multiple cute, nature-themed designs. The 3D pop-up art, handmade by skilled craftsmen, adds a touch of creativity and whimsy to a standard greeting card.

Plus, if you leave it open on a shelf or desk, it becomes a beautiful decoration. Every time your partner sees it, they’ll think of you and feel happy all over! 

10. VILIGHT Wooden Photo Frame

We love the charming cottagecore look of this VILIGHT Wooden Photo Frame, with its sturdy wood and handmade string art.

Plus, the quote is simple and sweet—perfect for the early stages of a relationship.

A beautifully framed couple photo is a great one-month anniversary gift. We guarantee your partner will appreciate this one!

Games & Activities 

Date night will never be boring again because these one-month anniversary gift ideas offer multiple ways to spice things up.

Fun and lighthearted gifts should help you and your partner get to know each other AND have fun at the same time—a must in any developing relationship.

11. The Ultimate Game for Couples

The Ultimate Game for Couples is one of our favorite games—either for a solo date night between you and your partner or for entertaining guests at a game night or party.

With both “Truth”- and “Dare”-type cards, this card game is meant to help you and your partner get to know each other in a fun and exciting environment.

You’ve got up to 200 cards to choose from, so you’re sure to draw something different each time you play. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

12. The Date Night Cookbook by Rebecca Warbis

Food is a must on any date—so what better way to bond than by preparing some together?

You don’t have to be a five-star foodie to appreciate this cookbook. The recipes are suitable for multiple occasions AND cooks of all skill levels.

Hence, this is the best gift idea for cozy date nights—or any time of day. 

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Personal Care

Your grooming routine is a personal thing.

It’s what helps you get ready for the day—AND what enables you to decompress at the end of it.   

If you give your partner something to help with that, it’s like you’re helping them power up and wind down for the day.

Trust us! You’ll win some serious brownie points!

13. INTEYE 24 Bath Bombs Set

INTEYE 24 Bath Bombs Set

Bath bombs + a hot bath = BLISS.

This INTEYE set has 24 bath bombs in 6 different flavors.

Premium natural ingredients like coconut oil and shea and cocoa butter moisturize skin, while fragrances like lavender, mint, and rose to soothe the mind.

Give these to your lady so she can pamper herself with a relaxing, fragrant bath time!

14. FULLLIGHT TECH Beard Kit for Men

FULLLIGHT TECH Beard Kit for Men

This kit has everything bearded men need to maintain some truly majestic facial hair.

It comes with a beard shampoo, balm, and TWO (2) bottles of beard oil to keep everything smooth and lush. There’s also a brush, wooden comb, and stainless steel [1] scissors for easy upkeep.

All told, this FULLLIGHT Tech Beard Kit is the perfect gift for your favorite man—and yourself, too, to keep the beard burn from kissing at a minimum. Wink, wink.

15. SOMORA Essential Oil Leather Diffuser Bracelet

What’s not to love about this stylish diffuser bracelet?

It’s part jewelry, part perfume, part diffuser, AND part aromatherapy—all in one!

The leather band and beautifully crafted stainless steel diffuser make this bracelet an eye-catching statement piece.

It also comes with 8 felt pads in different colors, so you can color-coordinate it with any outfit.

If you want to give your special lady a unique alternative to expensive perfume, this SOMORA Essential Oil Diffuser Leather Bracelet is an excellent one-month anniversary gift.

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How to Pick a One-Month Anniversary Gift

Put Thought Into It

This is the most important thing you need to keep in mind when choosing one-month anniversary gifts.

Try to give them a gift showing that you know them (or would like to know them better).

For example, giving them something related to their interests or hobbies tells them that you pay attention to what they like and support them in their endeavors. 

Or you can give them a gift that shows you value the time you spend together.

For example, you could give a gift that reminds you of your first date, or perhaps an inside joke the two of you have.

Remember that your partner will appreciate a thoughtful gift more than an expensive one.

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Don’t Spend Too Much Money

This is another critical point that bears repeating.

Ultra-expensive gifts can be AWKWARD even at the best of times or in a long-established relationship. But they’re extra uncomfortable in the early stages of a relationship.


Well, it might make your partner feel obligated to give you a gift in return. Not the best way to start a relationship, you know.

Don’t Give Something Too Romantic

Just like with expensive gifts, you also shouldn’t give a gift that’s too mushy and romantic.

At one month into your relationship, you don’t want to come on TOO STRONG or make them feel like you’re rushing the relationship.

It might make your partner feel UNCOMFORTABLE—especially if, say, they’re a bit more reserved while you’re a bit more demonstrative.

Again, for a one-month anniversary gift: simple, thoughtful, inexpensive is the PERFECT FORMULA.

Check out some unique ways to celebrate your anniversary here.

Don’t Expect Anything in Return

Remember, some people may not celebrate a one-month anniversary.

It’s okay if you want to—giving your partner a gift to celebrate this early milestone can be a lovely gesture!

BUT—don’t be hurt if they don’t give you a gift too.

It doesn’t mean they don’t like you back or don’t value you. It just means that they might not share your viewpoint.


Are one-month anniversary gifts awkward?

It depends. You’ll get different answers, depending on who you ask. But at the end of the day, it depends on you and your partner. 

At the one-month mark, some people may be all caught up in the thrill of a new romantic relationship.

They may be eager to celebrate it and show their new partner how much they enjoy having them in their lives.

Conversely, other people may be a bit more cautious and reserved. They may feel that one month is too early to be giving gifts. 

Regardless of which category you fall into, giving one-month anniversary gifts doesn’t have to be awkward. Just keep the following tips in mind while choosing the perfect gift. 


The 16 gift ideas in this article are a great place to start when choosing one-month anniversary gifts.

REMEMBER: The best idea for a gift is something simple, inexpensive, and thoughtful—something uniquely suited to your special someone.

Good luck!


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